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Macron Criticizes “Radical Positions” of Greta Thunberg, and Also Poland

French President Emmanuel Macron found himself on the wrong side of Greta Thunberg and her fellow climate activists.

Paris Announces Plans to Add Four Urban Forests to Iconic City...

A city famous for its squares and parvis is going to lose some of that cement space to green forests.

French-American Explorer Luc Hardy Knows How to Save the Planet

Explorer and entrepreneur Luc Hardy explains the realities of climate change and how to save the planet.

How French and American Companies Are Leading the Sustainability Movement

Despite the fact that profit margins are on the line, companies are leading sustainability initiatives like never before.

Paris Launches New Initiative to Be “Sustainable Capital of Fashion” by...

Paris aims to become the capital of sustainable fashion by 2024. Paris Good Fashion launched on Jan 28, announcing a new fashion prize, conference and more.

Deadly Floods Ravage Towns in Southern France

French PM Édouard Philippe visits the flooded towns in the Aude region of France.

Emmanuel Macron Elevates Climate Change Fight, Says Ignorance of Science is...

Macron hopes to inspire other world leaders to join the battle against climate change with the annual One Planet Summit.

Emmanuel Macron’s UN Speech was One Long Rejection of Donald Trump

In speeches at the United Nations General Assembly, the two world leaders were in stark contrast.

Eric Garcetti Meets with His “Sister” Anne Hidalgo in Los Angeles

These two mayors of sister cities, Paris and Los Angeles, met in the West Coast city early the week of September 10.

French Environment Minister Quits During a Live Radio Interview

A cold move is stepping down when your boss is out of town. But doing it on a live radio show? That takes some guts.
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