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French app Too Good To Go is coming after American food...

This app is connecting retails with consumers to eliminate food waste.

Ma Box Française, a French businesswoman’s gourmet gamble

Enjoy brands like Bonne Maman, Maille, Haribo, and so many more.

Look out for Yuka, the French App that Analyzes the Health...

Track the real world impact of your purchases with Yuka.

French Hairdressers in New York are Reopening

Reopening isn't as easy as it sounds under NYC Covid restrictions.

“These employees had never been out of work in their lives”:...

Will French luxury brands like Longchamp and Veja be forced to close their New York stores?

Eco-Friendly Sneaker Brand VEJA Opens Its First US Store in Nolita

VEJA, the trendiest French sneaker brand of the moment, has crossed the Atlantic.

Study Business in Europe with this International School

ESCP Europe is training tomorrow's business leaders.

France Unveils The Details Of Its New Digital Tax

"Big Business" Macron is starting to crack down on the big companies he once called friends.

Paris Finally Allows Driverless Cars to Test in the City

Driverless cars are being tested on Paris's tiny, winding streets.

French People Explain the Importance of Their Long Lunch Breaks

Do long lunch breaks promote productivity? The French seem to think so.
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