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France Unveils The Details Of Its New Digital Tax

"Big Business" Macron is starting to crack down on the big companies he once called friends.

Paris Finally Allows Driverless Cars to Test in the City

Driverless cars are being tested on Paris's tiny, winding streets.

French People Explain the Importance of Their Long Lunch Breaks

Do long lunch breaks promote productivity? The French seem to think so.

Welfare Spending in France Takes a Hit as Macron Tries to...

Is Macron prepared to sacrifice social spending for big investments?

Is Cambodia Becoming France’s Florida?

As France blocks new waves of immigrants, it might want to pay more attention to its emigrants.

France Heightens War on Plastic by Placing New Penalties on Non-Recycled...

Plastic is cheap. But it might not be for long, thanks to these new French taxes.

How Iran Sanctions Could Hurt Small French Companies

Iran sanctions may be the buzzword this week, but this French company is standing strong.

French Startups Want France to Be a Tech Giant

Could France be Europe's next big tech giant?

Prépa vs. Bachelor’s Degree: Understanding French University Options

The Director of Undergraduate Studies at ESCP Europe explains the different programs available in France after high school, in particular, the prépa and the bachelor's degree.

France Opens Investigation into Apple Over Planned Obsolescence

When your iPhone slows down, you buy a new one. Or sue a multinational corporation.
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