Rapper Black M Responds to France’s Right Wing Politics Through Music

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Back in May, French rapper Black M’s performance at the commemoration ceremony of the Battle of Verdun was cancelled after members of the Front National, France’s far right anti-immigration party, expressed their concern with the subject matter of Black M’s songs. Marion Maréchal Le Pen, niece of the current Front National leader Marine Le Pen, spoke out against Black M, even tweeting about him using the hashtag #VerdunSansBlackM.  

In response to the hate that Black M received from many political leaders and French people, he released a new song and music video called “Je Suis Chez Moi” in which he used clever lyrics and rhyming to express both his sadness and frustration at France’s far right wing:

“France is beautiful/But she’s looking down on me like the Eiffel Tower… I saw Marion tweeted me, what’s it got to do with her?” sings Black M, directly addressing Marion Maréchal Le Pen in his song.

But despite expressing his anger, Black M’s song also expressed a confidence and hope that despite the hatred, he knows France is his home, as he sings “Je suis chez moi, je suis français.”

Watch the music video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsOqEhMumaw&w=560&h=315]

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