Quintessential Parisian Shopping at Galeries Lafayette

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(Sponsored article) The two fashion weeks in Paris are the highlights of the year. Beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes take to the streets, and while most of the action takes place in the 8th arrondissement, every good fashionista, model, and industry member makes time for a trip to the adjacent 9th arrondissement to visit Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. As one of the most famous department stores in the world, Galeries Lafayette possesses a cultural significance that has influenced French style since the store’s creation in 1893. Four bloggers were invited to the Galeries during Paris Fashion Week to experience this amazing Parisian shopping opportunity.

Blogger and fashionista Tania Sarin, based in Los Angeles, CA has written her blog, Tania Sarin, about her fashion obsessions and lifestyle musings. Galeries Lafayette offered her a trip to their flagship store in Paris to experience the shopper’s paradise, and she found herself totally at home.


“With Paris Fashion Week going on, only the best fashion is showcased everywhere, creating an exciting environment,” Tania reported after exploring the eight floors of Lafayette Haussmann, which hold the women’s clothing, beauty products, accessories, shoes, and luggage departments. “It is so nice to know that all shopping can be done at one store with unique brands and Parisian influences throughout each floor.”

Galeries Lafayette is perhaps one of the only places where big spenders will be in adjacent dressing rooms with someone trying on looks for less. “It’s refreshing to know that the department store has a large variety of high to low brands,” said Tania. “Having brands like Zara and Urban Outfitters next to Isabel Marant and Acne Studios, one can really create a full closet with a one-stop shop.” This is especially excellent for the many Francophile and fashion-loving shoppers who want to peruse Chanel jackets, but not suffer the awkwardness of going into (and leaving) a Chanel boutique with no intention to buy. “I love how accessible it is to luxury fashion and all the extraordinary brands they carry.”


Shopping at the Galeries is not chaotic Macy’s-on-Black-Friday experience. “I loved how effortless and relaxed the whole environment is, and it makes it very enjoyable to shop,” commented Tania. Products are clustered by brand, so you can move from Comme des Garçons to Topshop easily. Additionally, the store’s services and amenities have been planned to a T for the experience of the shopper. There are welcome desks, concierge services, and VIP lounges where you can rest with refreshments and Wifi. An in-store app helps you navigate the shopping and dining options, and tells you where you are in the store. They can provide you with a personal shopper, and deliver your purchases to your hotel. “I love how detail oriented they are,” raved Tania. “They work hard to make sure the customer comes first.”


Styled, pampered, and dressed to the nines, Tania’s days at Galeries Lafayette were the highlight of her time in Paris: “It was another great trip to France filled with great memories, and even better shopping!”

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