Parisian Women Share Their Healthy Eating Secrets

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Studies have shown that the French live longer, healthier lives than Americans do. But with all those buttery French pastries, it’s hard to imagine how. So… what’s the French secret?

Harper’s Bazaar decided to find out. On a trip to Paris, they interviewed women on the street to find out their diet secrets.

The first secret turned out to be a bit more obvious than you might like: eat. your. vegetables. But for the French, eating vegetables is not a chore. They like to incorporate lots of veggies in delicious dishes, such as ratatouille (the food, not the Pixar movie about a rat).

But it turns out that they have some less obvious secrets as well, such as drinking a cup of hot water with lemon in the mornings, or making sure you eat more in the mornings to keep you from snacking throughout the day.

Maybe their best tip, however, was not to worry about it too much. Sometimes its ok to drinks a little, and eat a little cheese and some charcuterie.

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