7 Restaurants Where You Can Get Late-Night Food in Paris

Le Grand Café Capucines (via their Facebook page)

The French love to take their meals at precise times, and yet they’re also notorious for doing so for extra-long hours. But if you’re like us and you like a meal at midnight or a snack at 3 a.m., we’ve got you covered.

We’ve compiled the few restaurants open in Paris 24/7 (or close to it) perfect for you to satisfy some nighttime cravings. Whether an alcohol-fueled temptation or a response to simple, growling hunger, these are the destinations where you’ll always find a warm meal (and probably oeufs-mayonnaise).


1. Le Grand Café Capucines

Starting off with the most famous, this bistro has seen plenty of sleepless musicians, philosophers, and all in-betweens as it has been opened day and night since 1875 (minus a few small renovations). While a bit on the swankier side both in decor and price, it is a sure choice always lingering in the back of your mind. — 4 boulevard des Capucines, 75009

2. Au Pied de Cochon

Another city staple closer to the center, the pig’s foot-inspired spot is a traditional French bistro with quite a few pork dishes. Don’t let the extra kitsch environment push you away as it is one the best places in town that’s totally worth the hype. — 6 rue Coquillière, 75001

3. Le Rey

This one‘s pure gold as it serves aligot (cheesy mash), day and night, near Bastille’s popular nightlife area. Aside from the oozy mountains of cheesy goodness, you can find any kind of sandwich or a quick bite washed down with wine. — 130 Rue de la Roquette, 75011

4. La Maison de l’Aubrac

It’s not an all-night spot, but Maison de l’Aubrac is open noon until 6 a.m. or 8 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday (Sunday through Tuesday you have to leave at 1 a.m.). In that short period that it is closed during the fun days of the week, there are plenty of breakfast locations available. L’Aubrac is one-of-a-kind for a good steak at 3 a.m. — 37 rue de Marbeuf, 75008

5. Maison de Gyros

Let’s not forget the university years either when a gyro satisfied all kinds of cravings. The Maison de Gyros has always been there and will always be there for us, so we will give it an honorable mention. Is it as good as a gyro you could get during daylight hours? Maybe not, but it hits the spot at 2 a.m. — 17 rue de la Huchette, 75005

6. Café Louise

It is extra difficult to find a restaurant open at all hours in Paris, and Cafe Louise is only open until 5 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. But with an extra gooey chèvre chaud salad, Café Louise makes it up to our hearts and stomachs for not being open all night. — 155 boulevard Saint Germain, 75006

7. Le Départ Saint-Michel

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Escargot•confit de canard•tarte au citron meringue • Okay, also was not planning on going to this restaurant, but my dad was so impatient and couldn't wait like 2 minutes to walk down the street to any of the better places, but not knowing how bad this place was, we walked in. Note: this place is by Notre Dame de Paris, like right by the Seine, so they def get a lot of tourists and have menus translated in all possible languages. First, our escargot was still cold? Like frozen and reheated but not completely. My dish was extremely dry, which I was so sad because I've never had a bad confit de canard in France until then. Fries tasted like fries. The only saving grace was the lemon meringue, that was actually good. However, my dad got crème brûlée and it was still pretty liquidy. Their bread was also dry and stale. I just felt disappointed the entire meal.

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Not only are you just across the street from the Notre Dame and Saint-Michel’s popular hub, Le Départ is also where the Parisian night creatures gather alongside tourists to eat some oeufs mayonnaise. Expect waiters who are busy and hard to get attention from, but the food is nothing to scoff at and it’ll certainly fill you up. — 1 Place Saint-Michel, 75005