NYC’s French Cheese Board Opens Tasty New Exhibit ‘Contextomy’ on July 14

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If you’re looking for an extra-tasty way to spend your Bastille Day, The French Cheese Board may have the event for you. Cheese lovers and art lovers alike will rejoice at the launching of a unique exhibit aimed at putting a quirky twist on classic international dishes. The French Cheese Board will unveil their newest exhibit on Wednesday, July 14 at their flagship Soho store located 41 Spring Street in New York City.

“The exhibit will take French cheese out of its comfort zone of cheese boards and wine pairings and give it an entirely new look and feel,” says Charles Duque, Managing Director of the French Dairy Board. “Replacing the typical and expected ingredients in these popular dishes will be sure to surprise and delight guests.”

The theme of the exhibit is contextomy, which means to take something out of context, and is a playful attempt to try a new twist on classic dishes. The exhibit also celebrates the diverse dining options in New York.  

“We are celebrating the unique gastronomy New York offers by putting a fun spin on popular international foods,” said Duque. “Anytime, anyplace, anywhere is a good time to enjoy French cheeses and butters in your recipes, as a quirky snack or a whimsical meal, as well as a way to add even more joy to something you already love.”

Some of the “whimsical” options on display include macarons with a triple crème cheese filling, sushi with comté, fish tacos made with mimolette instead of fish, and “ice cream” cones topped with sweet and creamy Saint Albray and savory Langres.

So if taking the next step in your cheese journey is on the table for this coming week, be sure to pop on in and have a bite!

About the French Cheese Board 

The French Cheese Board is a fab lab of ideas, where people can participate in cooking lessons, wine and cheese pairings sessions, and interactive presentations dedicated to the art and craft of French cheeses & butters. It serves as an ambassador of the French cheese experience while also loaning itself as a platform for conversations and debates.  As an open venue, the French Cheese Board features events and exhibits where cheese and butter becomes the centerpiece for engaged communication.  

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