How to Make Galette des Rois

It’s that time of year: Christmas has come and gone, the last New Year’s glitter has finally been washed out of your hair, and you’re preparing for a long, dark January.

But wait! There’s one more holiday to dispel the winter blues, at least if you’re French or Quebecois. January 6th, aka the 12th day of Christmas, is known as Épiphanie or Epiphany, the celebration of the Three Wise Men who visited an infant Jesus in the Bible. And the best part of Epiphany? Definitely the galette des rois or King Cake, a delicious almond paste tart with a special treat inside. Whoever finds the fève, the small token hidden in the cake, gets to be king or queen for the day.


Learn how to make a traditional galette des rois with French chef Alex Gabriel, aka French Guy Cooking. It’s super easy and probably a lot cheaper and easier than hunting for one in stores. And there’s also a bonus Moroccan-style recipe for those looking to spice things up in the kitchen.

Want to know where to actually go buy galette des rois? Here’s where in New York, in L.A., in San Francisco, and in Miami.