In the East Village, A French Bistro Comes Back To Life

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The East Village now has a new addition to its broad selection of restaurants: a French bistro!

Initially opened in Soho in 1995, “Le Jardin Bistro” specialised in making bistro food and providing a unique bistro atmosphere.

Unfortunately, in 2010, due to complications surrounding building renovations and difficulties finding a new lease, the restaurant was forced to close.

After years of inactivity, one of the restaurant’s regulars, came to Israel Katz, the restaurant’s owner, and the two of them set out to reopen the abandoned bistro. The regular, who is now a partner of the new restaurant, said that he “was never able to replicate the food”, even in the Bistros he owned, according to Mr Katz.

The three chefs from the first restaurant were contacted and have returned to conjure up a typical French bistro menu.

From the classic endive salad or a hard boiled egg with mayonnaise for starters to bouillabaisse or steak frites as mains the Jardin’s menu seems to have all the classics down to a T as well as offering more refined dishes like “Magret de Canard”.

“People don’t appreciate what bistro food is, how good it is and how good it can be,” explains Mr. Katz.

When asked why French food over other perhaps more common options, he said “I prefer French food at the end of the day, especially the wine” and that his first contact with French food blew his mind.

The restaurant itself is on two floors, the upstairs dining room with its high ceiling, working fireplace and authentic decorations as well as a year-round outdoor terrace. Downstairs you’ll find the bar and more seating space with typical bistro chairs and Parisian street signs on the walls.

The owner of this newly reopened restaurant is convinced that by sourcing good products, focusing on perfecting the food whilst slightly adapting the offer to their New York clientele, they will be able to restore Bistros’ former glory.

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