How To Make Camembert Au Four With Marion Seclin

Cheese wrapped in puff pastry is possibly the most French dish to have ever been invented.

And yes, it is an actual French dish, not just some delicious French cheese experiment. There are many ways to make Camembert Au Four, but the typical ingredients are a round wheel of camembert cheese cooked within a wrap of flaky puff pastry. The result is a mouth watering combination of gooey cheese and pastry. Chefs create variations on this, adding in vegetables, herbs and even sauces that combine with the flavors of the cheese.


Here to show you how to make this delight is none other than Madmoizelle and French YouTuber Marion Seclin, as part of Madmoizelle’s video series “On Mange Quoi?” Their version of camembert au four has mushrooms, parsley and garlic stuffed on top of the cheese. Cut a slice after it’s baked and you have what looks like a mini pastry, cheese and mushroom sandwich. It’s the perfect thing to make for an hors d’oeuvre, or just to eat on your own without any judgement because it is delicious.

Learn how to make camembert au four: