How to Make a Delicious Soupe Au Choux

It’s finally getting chilly, and you might be looking for some favorite winter recipes to warm up your bones. Well, be prepared to learn a new one.

Chef Stephane of the YouTube series French Cooking Academy decided to go old school on this cooking tutorial — and we’re talking Medieval peasant-level old school. The French chef teaches viewers how to make Soupe au Choux, or cabbage soup. But don’t turn up your nose just yet. This simple dish of two types of cabbage (choux frisé and choux cabus), carrots, onion, and chicken stock is ratcheted to the next level by thick slabs of pork belly bacon, which gives the vegetable soup the flavor and meatiness to get you through the winter. Remember to never add salt at the beginning, as the slabs of pork belly will give the soup more than enough salty, fatty deliciousness. And the dish wouldn’t be complete without croutons (a great way to get rid of day-old bread), topped with cheese “if you’re feeling cheeky.”


Need something sweet to follow this hearty dinner? Check out the French Cooking Academy recipe for tarte au citron for a sweet and tangy dessert.