How To Make Bouillabaisse

The weather is getting colder each day and the cravings for soup are getting stronger. The perfect remedy? A nice hot bowl of bouillabaisse.

Not only is bouillabaisse a hearty stew that is perfect for winter, but the dish is originally from the coasts of Provence. While you’re sipping the soup in the dead of winter, perhaps the Mediterranean flavors will transport you to warmer, more tropical places.

In fact, the most defining characteristic of a delicious bowl of bouillabaisse isn’t the fact that it’s a stew comprised of at least three types of fish, but its flavor, which comes from adding Provençal spices and herbs like saffron, fennel seed and orange zest. The flavors add a twist that will make you wish you were sitting on a beach in Marseille.

Another benefit of bouillabaisse is that even though it sounds difficult to make, it’s actually pretty simple!

Learn how to make bouillabaisse:


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