How to increase your ad revenues with the Moneytizer

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[Sponsored article] If you have a blog or a website, you might be thinking about monetizing it. There are many ways to do so. However, most of them require time or lots of effort. What if we told you there is an easier way? Introducing The Moneytizer, the premium publisher network. With its fast set up, increasing your ad revenues has never been easier.

A reference worldwide

Created in 2014 by Augustin Ory, The Moneytizer has become a reference in programmatic advertising thanks to its header bidding expertise. By reaching more than 60,000 subscribed websites in more than 20 countries, The Moneytizer has succeeded in duplicating its model internationally with the opening and management of new markets thanks to its international teams established in its different offices in Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Munich and Milan.

This leads us to almost 500 million unique visitors per month around the world, and 8 billion impressions. Though the company is French, its network definitely is international, with more than 60,000 websites from various countries such as Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Italy and the U.S.

Our expertise in header bidding, combined with our partnerships with numerous partners, enables us to position ourselves as one of the best offers in the world for long and mid tail. However, the road is still long and technologies evolve everyday. It’s up to us to keep it up,” declares Augustin Ory, CEO and founder of The Moneytizer.

A technology made accessible

The Moneytizer‘s mission is to simplify the world of programmatic advertising. For a long time, it was reserved for big premium publishers. That’s what The Moneytizer was aiming to change. The company has become the most efficient and exhaustive header bidding solution on the market, applicable to all websites, whatever their size may be. It is the first plug and play platform to offer publishers such a large range of ad partners and units.

Thanks to its header bidding algorithm, the company is able to put in competition, in real time, all of its partners for each ad unit of a website. The partner which bids the highest can display its ad on the page. Not only does this sophisticated bidding system fill up the ad units at 100%, but it also enables the publisher to always benefit from the best CPM (cost per thousand impressions), for each ad unit.

To do so, the company has put in place a series of collaboration agreements with the biggest ad networks worldwide (more than 50 partners) in order to be able to offer ad spaces to thousands of advertisers every day. Moreover, The Moneytizer is currently developing new tools and strategies to obtain the best results for its users.

Worth a try

The Moneytizer stands out from its competitors, also by offering features such as Smart Refresh. Thanks to this technology, visible ads are refreshed to maximize ad revenue.

The best way to see how it works? Simple, just subscribe and try it out! Registering is totally free and without commitment. Once you’ve subscribed, you can benefit from a call with your dedicated account manager to help you optimize your set up. The Moneytizer is here to guide its publishers to help them earn more revenue and make the most of their website.

For more information, visit The Moneytizer website.

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