How to Get a French Pass Sanitaire as an American Tourist

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Since July 21, France has been requiring its citizens to get a pass sanitaire for entry to restaurants (both indoor and outdoor), bars, venues, museums, tourist attractions, and for domestic travel.

American tourists have been allowed in France since June with proof of vaccination, but new restrictions have posed issues for tourists, who were not originally eligible for a pass sanitaire. Though there were a few workarounds found by enterprising expats and tourists, there is now an official way for non-citizens to get their pass in France. Just send your proof of vaccination, passport, plane ticket, and form (to be filled out here) by email.

These attachments should be sent by email with the subject line COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE/LAST NAME/First Name/Date of arrival in France (for example USA/DOE Jane/15.08.2021), to one of the following email addresses:

– US citizens: [email protected]
– Canadian Nationals: [email protected]
– Citizens of all other countries: [email protected]

As a reminder, here are the email addresses concerning health pass applications for French citizens abroad:

– Zone 1 (Canada): [email protected]

– Zone 2 (United States East Coast: Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, Cayman Islands, Boston, Chicago, Washington, New York, New Orleans and Miami) : [email protected]

– Zone 3 (US West Coast: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and Atlanta): [email protected]

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