How to Invest in Parisian Real Estate?

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[Sponsored article] BREAKING NEWS! 2023 confirms a trend: Paris has become the most sought-after city in terms of luxury real estate. As such, the French capital is a highly popular place for real estate investment.

Far from the ambient gloom and the global economic context, the Parisian real estate market remains very dynamic for both family homes and exceptional properties. Numbers speak for themselves: There’s been a 40% increase in sales with this segment of the real estate market since 2019.

If you’re living in the United States (or elsewhere!) and dreaming of living and owning a pied-à-terre in the City of Lights, Sales in the City is here to help you, whether you’re looking for:

  • your “home sweet home” in France.
  • an investment property.
  • a secondary place of residence.

Sales in the City is an independent Parisian real estate agency, set up to help guide you through the execution of your real estate project in Paris (sale or acquisition).

Wherever you might be located, Sales in the City is your ambassador to the local high-end Parisian real estate professionals. 

Who is Sales in the City?

Upon its creation in 2012, the agency’s primary activity was focused on real estate hunting services in Paris and the Greater Paris Area, for private clients whose busy schedule could not accommodate a proper search.

Rather quickly, they demonstrated ability to successfully complete their search mandates. They quickly became unique partners to the Parisian owners who entrusted them with the sale of their properties, and the clients investing in these types of properties.

Since then, Sales in the City operates in the prestige real estate market ( mainly, but not limited to)  in Paris and the Greater Paris Area. Indeed, they also manage some rather exclusive national and international mandates.

In a nutshell, whether you want to buy or sell a chic Parisian apartment, an elegant pied-à-terre, a one-of-a-kind loft, a private mansion, an investment building, or if you want to benefit from a tailor-made real estate approach, Sales in the City’s experts put their expertise, partner network, and passion to work for you. 

An Ever More Complex Parisian Real Estate Market

In a real estate market that has proven to be incredibly tight for the past several years, the high-end properties are sold prior to being promoted. Such a phenomenon exacerbates the difficulties facing the individuals and investors residing outside of Paris. 

Sales in the City’s network is built around owner clients and professional partners (real estate agencies, notaires, real estate developers…) and allows them to have exclusive access to the single most effective source of luxury properties: the “Off-Market”.

By being well connected to the Off Market, Sales in the City’s experts can find and list highly coveted properties for their clients. These properties are characterized by quintessentially unique attributes such as exceptional locations, incredibly rare terraces, breathtaking views, prestigious Haussmann style apartments, Art Deco private mansions, designer lofts, etc. 

Why Should You Call Sales in the City?

First and foremost, because their purpose is to delight their clients, Sales in the City’s priority is to match your needs by understanding them perfectly. Sales in the City represents you and carries out your real estate project as if you were locally present to do it yourself. 

They secure opportunities in real time and act on your behalf to make your objectives and dreams come true.

Finally, Sales in the City offers you a consultative approach, aimed at answering your every requirement, through a fully customized turnkey service.

A real estate project in Paris? Let Sales in the City help you from start to finish and realize your real estate dream with total peace of mind.

To start your Parisian real estate project, contact José Citerin from Sales in the City via email at [email protected] or give him a call: +33 7 72 40 31 80.

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