This Cover of “Havana” in French is Beautiful

By this point, you’ve all heard the unfairly catchy hit “Havana” by Camila Cabello. It’s on every radio in every bar and shopping mall all over the world.

And now you can hear it in French (with a bonus Spanish verse), as sung by the insanely talented NINA. Born and raised in Andorra, an independent principality nestled between France and Spain, NINA sings in both French and Spanish and splits her time between Paris and Barcelona. The insanely talented bilingual vocalist is a newcomer to the scene, with an ability to sing both high-range pop songs and delicate acoustic chansons.


So every time you want to annoy—or impress—everyone at your next karaoke night, remember these words: Havana ooh na na, mon coeur est resté à Havana ooh na na.