Mid-week Distractions 3/29/23 French Cognac, Croissants, and Chic

Easter chocolates

Starting this week, I’ll be taking over our Wednesday newsletter from Caitlin. But if you’re a regular Frenchly reader, then you probably already know me. I’ve written and edited for Frenchly for many years in different capacities. So I am happy to be coming on now as Frenchly’s new Managing Editor.

A little bit about me… I spent a year in Paris’s 11th arrondissement when I was 18 and never imagined it would lead to my eventual career as a professional Francophile. More recently, I lived in Berlin before realizing that I would always be a New York girl at heart. I’m now back in Brooklyn, planning my next European vacation from the comfort of my exposed brick living room.

I love writing about food, wine, good music, and bad TV. Every meal with me is family-style, because I will have a bite of whatever you ordered in order to maximize my dining experience. I want to hear about your best and worst meals, your favorite French songs (from this century), and who you follow on IG or TikTok. Because Wednesdays call for mid-week distractions, which I am now here to provide with reckless abandon.

French tunes…

If you haven’t been listening to the new Saint Levant album on repeat all month, it’s time to catch up. Totaling a tight 17 minutes, flashing between French, English, and Arabic, the songs are short and sexy and supremely TikTokable. Start with “Very Few Friends,” but maybe… don’t play it at the office. 😉

In croissant news…

A recent NYT article, “We Will Never Reach Peak Croissant,” linked to us at Frenchly this week and called out our sister publication, French Morning, too. Oddly, Julia Moskin’s article bears some striking resemblances to my piece from a few weeks ago, “The 11 Weirdest Things We’ve Done to Croissants.” Leading me to wonder… do I have some high-powered fans I never knew about?

As something of a viennoiserie snob, I’m always looking for hacks to get my lamination fix at home. But sometimes, as I’ve written about before, store bought puff pastry is a croissant girlie’s best friend. Sohla El-Waylly at NYT Cooking agrees with me, if her recent video on how to make Giant Croissants three ways is any indication.

For those in NYC, fan fave bakery L’Appartement 4F just launched a new Pistachio Rose croissant in celebration of Persian New Year. I can’t wait to get my hands on one! You might see me in line this weekend if you’re in Brooklyn.


Cat Rickman

P.S. Stay in touch! I’d love to hear from you: [email protected].








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