French Chocolate You Can Buy for Easter 2024

Easter chocolates

Pâques, or Easter, is a big deal in France, and as with every big holiday in the country, it comes with a panoply of themed chocolates and pastries to savor before they vanish again until the next year. It’s an enjoyable custom for both children and adults alike, as they seek to add a touch of sweetness to the anticipation of spring thanks to the French chocolatiers.

It was actually in 1830 that French pastry chefs perfected molding and tempering techniques, working with chocolate at three different temperatures – which would later enable them to create chocolate eggs with a shiny consistency. But it was the English company Cadbury who had the idea of linking chocolate and Easter traditions with the first chocolate egg, followed by the hens, bells, and rabbits we know today! This tradition is still in full swing today as you can see in this beautiful compilation of Easter creations by leading French chocolatiers. It’s also not uncommon to see fish and other sea creatures represented in chocolate form in France around this time. These creatures, called fritures, call back to a Biblical story where Jesus helps his disciples to catch an abundance of fish after a fruitless night of trawling the ocean for food.

So whether you’re looking for lambs or lobsters, here are some of our favorite chocolate treats for Easter…

Valrhona’s Abysse & Easter Eggs

Valrhona Easter Chocolates
Courtesy of Valrhona

In his Easter collection, Valrhona‘s Chef Rémi Poisson crafted a whimsical Easter egg, paying homage to the treasures hidden beneath the sea. This intricately designed egg, consisting of 12 layers, depicts wild shapes and coral reefs, with each layer housing numerous tiny fruit-filled eggs. Moreover, customers can delight in the Spring Collection, which narrates the tale of nature’s rejuvenation in spring and is offered in three distinct formats, including a novel creation: Easter cones. The sophisticated gift boxes boast a sleek design adorned with vibrant colors reminiscent of lush foliage in a tribute to agroforestry.

Buy online at with a $6.99 shipping fee, or free shipping for orders over $75.

Alain Ducasse’s Easter Aviary

Alain Ducasse Easter Peacock
Courtesy of Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse never fails to impress with his Easter chocolates, offering an extensive selection of nearly 20 options, each crafted with a cubism theme. Making a grand return is the Multifaceted Egg, boasting a refined new design while maintaining its exceptional recipe. Joining the lineup is the Egg To Set, featuring eight discs designed to be stacked atop one another, promising an equally spectacular experience. Not to be overlooked is the Egg Box, a favorite among praliné enthusiasts. Introducing a new addition is the Hide-and-Seek box, featuring hexa-birds for a delightfully whimsical Easter Flight. Adding to the ensemble, the iconic Chocolate Box showcases a majestic peacock, while the Chocolate Bar features adorable chicks. There’s even a small Chick, available in dark or milk chocolate, and the Hexa-woodpecker with its uniquely delicious seed praliné filling. Of course, alongside these charming birds, there are also Easter essentials such as the Turned Easter Egg, the Easter Hen, the Easter Bunny, the Lamb, and their accompanying praliné treats. There’s even a chocolate Sardine Tin!

Order directly on; a $50 shipping fee applies for all international orders (free delivery in France).

La Maison du Chocolat Coquille Eggs & Sportif Characters

La Maison du Chocolate Sportif Easter Eggs Characters.
Courtesy of Maison du Chocolat

What would Easter be without giant chocolate eggs? La Maison du Chocolat presents two versions: dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate praline. Additionally, an assortment of amusing figures, named Sportif in homage to the upcoming Olympics, joins the chocolate festivities. For those seeking a bite-sized treat, there are chocolate hazelnut and chocolate peanut butter bunny options. Furthermore, classic Easter rabbits with Poisson D’Avril (literally, the April Fish) variations, along with an array of Easter eggs in various sizes and flavors, are also available.

Treat yourself in-store or conveniently order from their website Free pick-up is available at their Manhattan store; FedEx Ground shipping for perishables is calculated by destination but is assumed to add $15 or more.

Lala the Bunny in Ladurée’s Gourmet Goodness

Laduree Easter eggs and bunnies next to a flower basket.
Courtesy of Laduree.

While Ladurée is renowned for its exquisite macarons, the French tea house truly shines during Easter with its indulgent chocolates. This year, Ladurée continues to delight with Lala, the rabbit, adorned with a floral crown and a medallion featuring the Ladurée initial—a charming Easter companion. Notably, Lala is available in pink too! The brand also offers chocolate eggs embellished with Ladurée’s initial and intricately engraved seasonal flowers. For those craving variety, an array of gift boxes, as well as egg and bunny assortments, are available, complemented by Ladurée’s classic macarons.

Order online at Free In-Store pick-up, $25 overnight FedEx delivery.

Easter in Wonderland from Cluizel

Cluizel easter wonderland with bunnies and Easter eggs.
Courtesy of Cluizel

Envision yourself transported to a magical place where praline chocolate eggs adorn the trees, and a lavish table overflows with delectable treats nestled in the heart of the forest. Amidst this wonderland, Cluizel introduces charming characters like squirrels, koalas, and hens, alongside an array of miniatures depicting shrimp, cockles, mussels, and other seafood delicacies—all crafted from chocolate, adding to the whimsical charm of this fairy-tale Easter experience.

Order online at USPS Ground shipping will be calculated at checkout. The expected shipping cost is around $10.

Gourmet Chocolate Easter Basket & Bunnies from Jacques Torres

A basket of Easter chocolates.
Courtesy of Jacques Torres.

Every Easter season, Chef Jacques Torres unveils a delightful array of handcrafted gourmet Easter chocolates available in charming baskets and bundles. This year’s collection boasts an assortment of adorable creations, including smiling bunnies, pigs, chicks, ducklings, lambs, and, naturally, eggs. Additionally, there’s a specially curated collection of marshmallow Peeps, along with a vibrant selection of rainbow-colored roosters. Elevate your Easter basket with style by indulging in Jacques Torres’ whimsical confections.

Order online at Ground and overnight shipping are calculated at checkout and can range anywhere from $8 to $25.

Richart’s Snow White and the 7 Tasters

The Easter collection of Richart.
Courtesy of Richart.

Richart‘s enchanting Easter collection transports you to a whimsical world of indulgence, offering an extensive selection of gourmet chocolate boxes alongside an array of delightful lollipops, figurines, and delectable nibbles. From intricately crafted chocolates to charming Easter-themed treats, this colorful assortment is ideal for filling your Easter basket with an abundance of sweetness and joy.

Order online at Added shipping cost of $25.

Pierre Hermé’s Paradox

Easter eggs on contemporary set.
Courtesy of Pierre Hermé

One of Paris’ most beloved pastry chefs, Pierre Hermé has unveiled a sophisticated and artistic Easter collection this year. Embracing a contemporary flair, the collection showcases eggs adorned with chic chains and other avant-garde embellishments. Alongside these stylish creations, discover charming chicks and innovative chocolate bars. Indulge further with an array of gift boxes filled with tempting treats to savor at home. And for the centerpiece of your Easter table, don’t miss out on the exquisite Colombre de Pâques, adding a touch of elegance to your holiday celebration.

Order online or in-store within Europe. Shipping to the US is currently unavailable.

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