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[Sponsored content] Didier Amiel is from Bordeaux, a French city known worldwide for its production of high quality wines, but it’s a food business that he decided to start in 1992. That’s when he started his first company, White Toque, to import specialty food from Europe – mainly France – to the United States.

For 30 years, White Toque has been a supplier of the US foodservice industry, importing food for 3 star restaurants and luxury hotels (it was also the official supplier of AirFrance).

Then came 2020, and its challenges… With restaurants closing their doors to the public, White Toque was in danger and Didier Amiel had to react.

Like many companies, we had to reinvent ourselves,” he remembers. “Our sales volume was getting lower and lower. We had several options, one being selling our products to the factories to be processed, but it wasn’t enough. So we thought: ‘Why not sell directly to people?’”

Cuisinery Food Market delivers high quality frozen ingredients to your door, as well as apetizers and sides like their famous Potato Gratin.

Home delivery is one of the rare industries that thrived during the lockdown, helping numerous businesses cope with the crisis by reducing its direct financial consequences. “Today in the US, more than 10% of food products are distributed via home delivery. Before the covid crisis, it was only 3%!” Didier Amiel says. He saw an opportunity to turn White Toque around. This is when Cuisinery Food Market was born. 

We already had experience working in retail: we opened and ran Picard-like frozen food stores in New Jersey for 6 years.” In a few weeks, White Toque developed a home delivery system and a website with an online catalogue, offering European and French specialty food that can’t be found in regular grocery stores at the lowest prices in the market thanks to their short distribution cycle: straight from supplier to consumer. Needless to say, it quickly became a big success.

French desserts, you say? A fondant au chocolat is always a good idea.

Available on Cuisinery Food Market’s website are the all natural products usually delivered to French restaurants’ chefs in the US.

You will find anything French from potato gratin, escargots, and puff pastry dough to pains au chocolat, croissants and macarons. The food comes frozen, so you can order a bunch of yummy French food in one go, and enjoy it for weeks!

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Cuisinery Food Market is now delivering in the Northeast as well as in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Texas and the West Coast of the US, including Nevada and Arizona.

The company is expecting its first store to open in October at 484 NJ-17, Paramus, New Jersey 07652. Curbside pickup will be available upon online reservation.

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