The Best Gratin in NYC

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In these dark and difficult times, it’s important to be reminded of the things all Americans can agree on:

For instance, that when the weather gets bitter and biting, a warm plate of roasted vegetables will brighten all spirits, even the most fervent of picky-eaters.

Or that the only thing better than gooey melted cheese is the crispy brulée cheese top layer that no casserole would be complete without.

Or that when it comes to thick, creamy sauces that cause already delicious dishes to burst out in choirs of angel song… Americans of every color, creed, and political leaning owe a great debt of gratitude to French Cuisine.

Mac and Cheese is something all Americans can agree on. So Gratin, the mac and cheese of French cuisine, is what all Americans need now to set aside our differences for the common good. Simple, accessible and nourishing, Gratin is the universal food of childhood. Remember when all vegetables required cream, butter and cheese to be declared edible?

Those days live on in Gratin!

Here are some spots in New York City where, in times of trouble, you can get by with a little help from Gratin:

The Marshal

628 10th Ave., New York, NY, 10036

Sweet Potato and Kale Gratin is not only delicious but ethically sustainable at this farm to table eatery in Hell’s Kitchen. Though usually cooked as a soft comfort food, this sweet potato has a crisp exterior, contrasting strongly against the bitter kale and sweet, nutty Swiss cheese.


110 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012

Béchamel: the word is music to our ears, the taste is paradise to our tongues. Topped with béchamel (sigh), the rich cauliflower Gratin de Chou-Fleur is buttery and decadent, while the Basque farmhouse decor is cozy and inviting. What’s not to love?

St. Anselm

355 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Their Spinach gratin is a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth delicacy not to missed. The spinach is flavorful, yet looks (and tastes) nothing like your daily serving of 5 vegetables thanks to the cheese. Finally, a reason to eat your vegetables!

Le Village

127 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

Paris’s Gnocchi Au Gratin. We love Paris, we love Gnocchi, we love Gratin. High-quality truffles, Mornay sauce, and Swiss cheese mix together under one finely brulée crust. In trying times, this is our raison d’être.

Bistro Vendôme

405 E.58th Street, New York, NY 10022

The Gratin Dauphinoise at this tucked-away spot is authentically on point. Gratin purists, Bistro Vendôme paid their homage to the original gratin of hot potatoes and messy cheese. After kowtowing to the O.G. gratin, they innovated, and whipped up a Raspberry Gratin dessert. Smothered with crème anglaise and topped with raspberries, this one takes the cake.

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