17 French Summer Camps In and Around New York

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If school isn’t already out, it’s about to be. We all know what that means: it’s time to think about summer camp. We’re providing you with a list of French summer camps in and around New York City.

Lycée français de New York (Upper East Side)

Learning French while having fun is the promise of the summer camps at the Lycée français de New York. Divided into four age groups (early childhood camp for 3-year-olds, Camp Discovery for 4-5-year-olds, Camp Exploration for 6-7-year-olds, and Camp Creation for 8-10-year-olds), the Upper East Side private school’s one-week programs offer many activities including theatre, music, sports and the visual arts.
When: Monday, June 24, to Friday, July 12, 9am to 3pm (extended care available from 8am and until 4pm)(note: camp is already sold-out for June 24-June 28)
Where: Lycée français de New York, 505 E 75th St, Manhattan
Cost: $580 to $725 for a week (early and extended care $80/week each)
More information here

The École (Gramercy)

This summer camp for kids 3-10 years old is offered by the bilingual school The Ecole in Gramercy. The camp aims to offer young people (French, English and other) an experience of bilingual immersion through artistic and sports activities. Excursions to parks and museums, such as the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) and the National Museum of Natural History, are on the agenda. What makes this camp special is how much you can customize the schedule: by half-day (morning), full day, week, or all summer.
When: Monday, June 24, to Friday, July 12, 9am to 3:30pm (extended care available from 8:30am and until 5pm)
Where: The École, 206 5th Ave, Manhattan
Cost: From $70 (half day) to $1,850 (full summer with extended care); see here for specifics
More information here

Petits Poussins Too (Harlem)

The bilingual preschool in Harlem, which has just expanded in size to three classes, has organized a summer camp. Here, participants, divided into age groups from 3 months to 5 years old, will spend a lot of time outdoors. Morningside Park, a few steps away, will become their summer playground. Families are asked to bring kids’ bathing suits for water activities. The camps’ themes will change every week. The exact summer program is being developed but will include a sequence on learning about continents. Arc-en-ciel, another pre-school in the Vanessa Handal-Ghenania school group on the Upper East Side, will also offer a summer camp (more information on that here).
When: Monday, July 8, to Friday, August 16
Where: Petits Poussins Too, 2235 Frederick Douglass Blvd, Manhattan
Cost: Inquire here to learn more
More information here

Bleu Blanc Rouge (Gramercy)

This year, Brigitte Saint-Ouen from France is offering a “discovery camp” for kids ages 3 to 10 years old. She’s also offering two 45-minute classes on Wednesdays: “Baby and me French class” for babies from 3 to 22 months and “Summer Preschool French class” for kids 2 to 4 years old. The latter is intended to serve as an introduction to the school. Camps run occur in small groups (no more than 10 participants) and include artistic activities, dress-up, singing and games.
When: Monday, July 1, to Friday, August 16, 9am to 3:30pm (extended care available from 8am and until 5:30pm), half days are available for young children from 9am to 11:45pm
Where: 236 Second Avenue (15th Street and 2nd Avenue), Manhattan
Cost: From $360 to $600 per week
More information here

Caravane FrancoFun (Queens)

If you live in Queens, this summer camp is for your kids. The FrancoFun Caravan is the only summer French summer camp in the borough. Based in Long Island City, the small school offers two programs: “Great Explorers” (Kindergarten to 3rd grade), with games, art projects, and learning activities, and “Little Explorers” (pre-K to 2nd grade) with similar activities to the Great Explorers but geared for
When: Monday, June 24, to Friday, July 12, 9am to 12pm for Little Explorers and 9am to 3:30pm for Great Explorers
Where: 11-11 44th Rd, 204, Queens
Cost: From $50 per day ($250 per week) to $90 per day ($450 per week)
More information here

The Language Workshop For Children (Upper East Side)

Though not exactly a day camp, The Language Workshop for Children offers language classes in French and Spanish for three different age groups of children: 6 months to 3 years, 3 years to 6 years, and 6 years and over. These camps aim to teach French and/or Spanish through educational and immersive programs (art, music and games) in small classes.
When: Monday, June 17, to Friday, August 16, times vary
Where: 767 Lexington Ave, Suite 505, Manhattan
Cost: From $135 to $720 depending on number of days selected
More information here

Interschool Language Immersion Program (Upper East Side)

This summer program on the Upper East Side is aimed at middle school children. It offers participants the opportunity to improve their language skills through fun activities (cooking classes, sports, cultural outings, etc.) structured around themes such as French-speaking countries or graphic novels.
When: Monday, June 17, to Friday, June 28, 9am to 3pm
Where: Spence School, 22 East 91st St, (between Madison and Fifth), Manhattan
Cost: $900 per week
More information here

La Petite Ecole (Upper West Side, Washington Square)

Located on the Upper West Side and in Washington Square, La Petite École offers a summer camp for children ages 2.5 to 5 years old on a weekly basis. Kids can participate in cooking activities, music and dance classes, and water games, and discover the city’s museums or have fun in Central Park (for those registered on the Upper West Side).
When: Monday, June 17, to Friday, July 12, 9am to 3pm
Where: UWS, 159 W 82nd St, Manhattan; Washington Square, 7 W 10th St, Manhattan
Cost: From $575 to $620 per week
More information here

French Institute Alliance Française (Upper East Side, Montclair, New Jersey) 

FIAF is offering a summer camp around the theme “discover France in New York”. This year, it is the cultural links between France and the United States that will be highlighted during workshops in writing, theatre, yoga, music and much more. The camp is open to children ages 1 to 17, French-speaking or not. Programs take place in both Manhattan (Upper East Side) and Montclair, NJ, where FIAF has an office.
When: Monday, June 17, to Friday, August 30, hours vary
Where: FIAF, 22 E 60th St, Manhattan; FIAF, 7 N Willow St, Suite 7, Montclair
Cost: Rates vary (extended care in the morning and/or evening between $15 and $25 per day)
More information here

PSG Academy (Randall’s Island, New Rochelle)

This is the course for aspiring soccer players, whether they’re PSG fans or not. On Randall’s Island, Manhattan, and in Flowers Park, New Rochelle, the children, surrounded by the club’s official coaches, will be able to improve their soccer performances on the best soccer fields in the city. At the end of the camp, kids will leave with one or more special prizes and the full gear of PSG Academy.
When: Monday, June 24, to Friday, June 28, 9am to 3pm
Cost: $495 per week
More information here

Bonjour New York (Upper West Side, Brooklyn)

Learning “La Marseillaise,” baking bread, playing games: Bonjour NY offers a summer camp immersed in French culture and language. Children ages 3.5 to 11 years old will be able to improve their level of French through water games, gardening activities, robotics, and Zumba classes.
When: Monday, July 1, to Friday, August 30, 9am to 1pm (half days) and 9am to 4:30pm (full days)
Solomon Schechter School, 805 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan; SLA International School, 9 Hanover Place, Brooklyn
Cost: $570 per week (half days), $670 per week (full days)
More information here

The Language and Laughter Studio (Brooklyn)

For the past thirteen years, the Language and Laughter Studio has been welcoming children from 15 months to 9 years old with French levels from beginner to bilingual. Several types of activities are offered during this summer camp. The camp offers a balanced program of outdoor sports and artistic and intellectual activities (musical games, painting and papier mâché workshops, exploring science, etc.). The younger kids (15 months to 4 years) can also learn about colors, shapes, and animals. Kids are given a snack during the day (fruit, vegetables, crackers, hummus, etc.).
When: Monday, June 17, to Friday, July 26, 10:30am to 12pm for younger children, and 9:30am to 2:30pm for older children
Where: 137 Nevins St, Brooklyn
Cost: From $250 to $550 per week
More information here

Smith Street Workshop (Brooklyn)

As every summer, Smith Street Worksop offers its French Immersion Summer Camp for children ages 2 to 7 years old. The goal: immersion in French culture through play, art and music. With a theme planned for each week (the animals of the world, the sea, the forest, etc.), children will have as much fun as possible while learning new vocabulary words and letting their creativity express itself. Half-days in the morning are available.
When: Monday, June 24, to Friday, August 2, 9am to 2:30pm (extended care available from 8:30am and until 4pm)
Where: Smith Street Kindergarten, 607 Henry Street, Brooklyn
Cost: $595 per week (full day), $395 per week (half-day)
More information here

International School of Brooklyn (Brooklyn)

This school offers its French and Spanish Language Immersion Summer Program from for children ages 4 to 15. A different theme is planned each week (science, around the world, under the ocean, etc.) so that kids can have fun and learn in a friendly environment. Beginner speakers are welcome.
When: Monday, June 24, to Friday, August 2, 9am to 3pm (extended care available from 8am and until 6pm) 
 International school of Brooklyn, 477 Court St, Brooklyn
Cost: $550 per week
More information here

The French American Academy of Jersey City (New Jersey)

This private school in New Jersey has two summer camps in New Milford and Jersey City for toddlers. New Milford offers three summer camps: the “do you speak French” from June 24 to July 26 for children ages 3 to 11; the “catch up your academics” from August 19 to 23 for children ages 6 to 11; and the “Soccer camp” from August 26 to August 30. Jersey City, on the other hand, is hosting its summer camp from June 24 to August 16, with two sessions of four weeks. Among the activities offered: exploration of French culture, soccer, language workshops, crafts, sports and cuisine.
When: Monday, June 24, to Friday, August 30, 8:30am to 6pm 
The French American Academy of Jersey City, New Milford Campus, 1092 Carnation Dr., New Milford, NJ; Jersey City Campus, 209 Third St, Jersey City, NJ
Cost: contact for more information (New Milford here, Jersey City here)
More information here

Tessa International School (Hoboken, New Jersey)

Tessa’s “fun, friends and discoveries” summer camps are designed to immerse young people (ages 2.5 to 6 years old) in a different culture through fun programs in the language of their choice (Spanish, French, and even Mandarin). On the program: outdoor entertainment activities and creative indoor games (singing, playing, music, etc.).
When: Monday, June 24, to Friday, August 23, 8:30am to 4pm (half-day options also available from 8:30am to 12pm)
720 Monroe St, Suites E105-106, Hoboken, NJ
Cost: From $449 to $499 (per week); There’s a minimum of two consecutive weeks if you register for the half-day option (from $234 to $275)
More information here

Camp Tekakwitha (Maine)

This summer camp in Maine has the advantage of being located on the edge of a large body of water: Androscoggin Lake. With this location, the camp offers many activities for children ages 8 to 13 and teenagers ages 14 to 17. The former will be able to enjoy sports, water, and artistic activities. The latter will prepare for an eight- to 17-day mountain expedition with breathtaking views.
When: Monday, June 24, to Saturday, August 17
Cost: from $1,500 (15-day stay) to $2,600 and $2,800 (one-month stay)
More information here

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