14 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know about the Moulin Rouge®

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1 When the Moulin Rouge opened on October 6, 1889, it was the first Parisian establishment to be lit by electricity.

2 • The Moulin Rouge never closes. 

(c) Moulin Rouge®

There are two shows per night, 365 days a year. The Moulin Rouge has only closed once in its 129-year history to perform for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in London.

3 • The Moulin Rouge restaurant’s “brigade” is the biggest in France with 120 maître-d’s, headwaiters, and waiters.

Ris de veau cuit au satoir crouistillant (c) J. Habas / Moulin Rouge®

4 The first layout of the Moulin Rouge venue was truly extravagant.

There was a huge dance floor, mirrors everywhere, elegant galleries, and a garden decorated with a big elephant. Ladies could even take donkey rides around the garden!

5 • The Moulin Rouge stage has an aquarium in it that holds over 1,200 gallons of water.

(c) Moulin Rouge®

6 • The posters hanging on the Moriss columns in the Moulin Rouge are the original posters of the artists who performed there.

©Moulin Rouge®

It’s a part of the Belle Epoque décor, which was a part of the venue’s third configuration in 1951.

7 • The Moulin Rouge has 600,000 spectators per year.

(c) Moulin Rouge® / D. Duguet

Among them, 50% are French and 50% are international.

8 It takes 450 employees working in Moulin Rouge day and night to make the magic of the cabaret happen. There’s always someone there.

(c) Moulin Rouge® / Sandie Bertrand

9 • The 80 dancers (60 Doriss Girls and 20 Doriss Dancers) of the Moulin Rouge come from 14 different countries.

(c) Moulin Rouge® / B. Royer

New Dancers train six days a week for four weeks to learn choreography and master the French cancan before their first performance on stage.

10 One show has 1,000 costumes handmade with feathers, rhinestones, and sequins in shimmering colors.

The plumassière (c) Maison Fevrier-Stephane Asseline

Everything is handmade by famous Parisian workshops: Maison Février (feathers), Maison Clairvoy (shoes), Atelier Valentin (embroidery), and l’Atelier Couture and l’Atelier de Creation (costumes).

11 Five shoemakers from Maison Clairvoy personalize and create 800 pairs of shoes made from lamb, goat, and calfskin leather for the show “Féerie.”

(c) Moulin Rouge® / Sandie Bertrand

12 One French Cancan costume is made of 218.7 yards of frills per underskirt and 35 yards of frills per pair of knickers.

(c) Moulin Rouge® / Sandie Bertrand

It weighs 11 pounds and costs €5,000 (or approximately $5,890).

13 The Moulin Rouge is the largest consumer of champagne in the world (excluding retail locations) with 240,000 bottles per year consumed.

(c) Moulin Rouge® / Sandie Bertrand

14 Last year, Moulin Rouge and its Chef David Le Quellec were the first cabaret to be featured in the famous Gault & Millau restaurant guide.

Chef David Le Quellec with Moulin Rouge® dancers (c) Jacques Habas

The guide, which has been recommending restaurants since 1972, listed the Moulin Rouge as one of the not-to-be-missed dining experiences in Paris.

Visit Le Moulin Rouge at 82 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris
Website here
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