Where to Find Bûche de Noël in New York 2020

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This very unusual year, many of us will pass the Christmas season in New York. So you might as well treat yourself to a feast worthy of the name. Here is a non-exhaustive list of where to find delicious bûches de Noël.

Bûches de Noël Manhattan 

Ladurée is collaborating this year with the French pastry chef Jean-François Piège. He has been inspired by a dessert, the Blanc Manger, traditionally served in his parisian restaurant Le Grand Restaurant. The bûche “Blanc Manger” is composed of sponge cake, vanilla joconde, creamy Comoros and Tahitian vanilla ganache, flowing caramel, Comoros and Tahitian vanilla mascarpone mousse, caramel opaline, and a white chocolate flower with vanilla caramel heart for decoration. The cost is $76 for a bûche for 6-8 people, $10.50 for an individual mini bûche. Available between December 22 and 25 at their store, with the option to reserve in advance. In addition to the bûche “Blanc Manger”, Ladurée will also have its traditional bûches, the “Marie-Antoinette”, with macarons, rose cream, raspberry and lychee jam; the “Favorite” with macarons, pralines, and pistachios; and the “Marquise” with sacher cookie, hazelnut, and milk chocolate. $68 for a bûche, or $8.50 for an individual, at one of Ladurée’s several Manhattan addresses.

At Balthazar Bakery, the boulangerie-pâtisserie attached to the famous Balthazar in Soho, they are serving a single bûche de Noël for 8 to 10 people ($65), perfect for large families. The bûche is made with a mocha sponge cake, and covered in dark chocolate. To order, you must go to their website, storefront, or contact by telephone, at least 24 hours in advance. Balthazar Bakery, 80 Spring Street (212-965-1785)

Do you like hazelnut? Then the Holy Grail you seek is at Daniel Boulud Kitchen. The French chef and his team have prepared a bûche with dacquoise and hazelnut pralines, as well as a hazelnut mousse. The cost is $70 for 6-8 people. Order here. Daniel Boulud Kitchen, 60 E 65th St, (646) 831-4587.

French pastry chef Dominique Ansel and his team are offering three bûches at their boutique in Soho. Once again you will find the cherry-tiramisu bûche, one with Aubenas chestnuts, and the triple chocolate gluten-free option. $48 for 6 to 8 people. Available for order online here until December 24, for pickup only. Dominique Ansel Bakery, 189 Spring St, (212) 219-2773.

In the Upper East Side, the small neighborhood bakery Miss Madeleine is offering you the choice this year between a lemon cream and meringue bûche ($59.90), a chocolat praline bûche ($54.90), and a vanilla bûche ($54.90). Order here for pickup. Miss Madeleine, 400 E 82nd St, (646) 896-1227.

Every Christmas, Eclair Bakery proves that they know about a lot more than just making eclairs. This year, they offer 4 bûches : Ruby (vanilla with white chocolate mousse, vanilla sponge cake and raspberry compote), Trio (triple chocolate mousse with chocolate sponge cake), Wendy (crunchy hazelnut mousse and chocolate sponge cake), and Crunchy (dark chocolate mousse with crunchy hazelnuts and chocolate sponge cake). These bûches are available in two sizes: for 6 to 8 people ($38), and for 10 to 12 people ($48). Order online or by phone. Eclair Bakery, 305 East 53rd Street, Midtown East, (646) 429-8555.

The brasserie Lafayette and its boulangerie-pâtisserie have a chocolate-hazelnut bûche with dark chocolate ganache and gianduja mousse for 6 to 8 people ($48). Pre-order online or at the store, for pickup through Christmas. Lafayette, 380 Lafayette St, Noho (212) 533-3000.

The Upper Westside bakery Margot Patisserie doesn’t take decorating bûches lightly. On their menu, you’ll find a vanilla sponge cake filled with chocolate and dressed up with swiss chocolate meringue. Several sizes are available for $65, $75, $105, $125, or $150. Order online, in store, or by telephone before December 20. Bûches available between December 18 and December 24 at 1pm. Margot Patisserie, 2109 Broadway (entrance on West 74th Street), UWS, (212) 721-0076.

Mille-feuille offers 2 bûches made with 100% natural ingredients : Triple chocolate (triple chocolate mousse, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting), and a Vanilla Chestnut bûche. The bûches are suitable for tables of 6 to 8 people ($44.90), and will be available for order by phone, in person, or online. Mille-feuille, 2175 Broadway, UWS, (212 362-6261); 552 Laguardia Pl, Greenwich Village, (212-533-4698); 250 W 77th St, in the Hotel Belleclaire, 250 W. 77th St, UWS (212-362-6261).

Located on Delancey Street, Ceci-Cela Pâtisserie is offering this year 4 classic bûches: chocolate, vanilla, Grand Marnier, and pistachio. The bûches are available in individually-sized version at the store ($6). For 6 people ($30) or 10 people ($42), you must pre-order by phone, email, or at the store. Ceci-Cela Pâtisserie, 14 Delancey St (212-274-9179).

If you like Le Merveilleux de Fred, and their signature pastry with a meringue base, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings, you will adore their bûches de Noël, constructed from the same recipe. Their bûche is available in two variations: dark chocolate, or speculoos and white chocolate. Four sizes are available: for 4 ($26), 6 ($39), 8 ($52), and 10 ($65). To order, call the store and pick up your bûche before December 24 at 5pm. 37 8th Ave, West Village (917) 475-1992.

Who can refuse a good classic bûche, especially one made by Silver Moon Bakery? The Upper West Side boutique offers two options: dark chocolate, or candied chestnut, in three sizes: for 6-7 people ($42), for 9 to 10 people ($47), or for 12 to 13 people ($56). Order by phone or walk-in, until December 22. The pastry shop will be closed Christmas Day. 2740 Broadway, UWS (212-866-4717).

In the Upper West Side, the young Frenchwomen Rebecca Tison launched Barachou just last year. This pastry shop specializing in choux has two bûches made onsite for Christmas: the first, “Hazelnut & Chocolate,” and the second, “Raspberry & White Chocolate,” for six people at a price of $42. Order by phone or email: [email protected]. Barachou, 449 Amsterdam Avenue, (646) 398-7788.

Bûches de Noël Brooklyn

At Ebb & Flow in Brooklyn Heights, French pastry chef Christophe Toury is offering two different bûches at $42 each: the first, a Caramel Dark Chocolate; the second, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate. Order before December 22 at 718-618-9775, by email at [email protected], or on the site Toast Tab. Ebb & Flow, 159 Bridge Park Dr, (718) 618-9775.

Created by French baker Florent Andreytchenko in Williamsburg, La Bicyclette Bakery is one of the best boulangeries in Brooklyn. The chef, originally from Champagne, is offering three bûches this year, the “Tahitian Vanilla” with crème brûlée, Tahitian vanilla whipped cream, Valrhona chocolate mousse, and almond cookies; the “Dark Chocolate” with 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, chocolate cream, chocolate ganache, and biscuit croustillant; finally, the “Red Fruits” with Bavarian cream, raspberry coulis and raspberry whipped cream. Available for 4 ($36), or for 6 ($50), to pre-order here or in-store. La Bicyclette Bakery, 667 Driggs Ave, 347-916-1417.

Almondine is bending over backwards this year to please the gourmands. On the menu: the classic chocolate, la Praliné, and the red fruit-vanilla. The bûches are available in different sizes: for 6 to 8 people ($45), or for 10 to 12 people ($55). Order before December 20 by phone or by email at: [email protected]. Almondine Bakery, 85 Water Street, (718) 797-5026.

On its end, Colson Patisserie is offering two beautiful bûches: l’Opera (coffee buttercream, almond sponge cake soaked in espresso, and chocolate ganache), and the Lemon Meringue with Caramel Buttercream (almond sponge cake, lemon cream, caramel buttercream, and toasted meringue). The cost is $45 per bûche, available to order on their website Christmas week. Colson Patisserie, 374 9th St, Park Slope, (718-965-6400); 253 36th St, Industry City, (347) 637-6676. 

The bûche revisited by Bien Cuit will make your mouth water with white chocolate, pineapple mousse, and creamy pomegranate. Available in individual portions for $9.50, or full size for $65 (8-10 people). Delivery or pick-up from one of the two locations, Grand Central, or Prospect Heights. Bien Cuit Brooklyn, 721 Franklin Ave, (347) 365-1656. Bien Cuit Manhattan, 89 E 42nd St, (212) 697-0526.

Four bûches are on the table at Charlotte Pâtisserie this year: the Isabella (white chocolate mousse with an “exotic” cream), the Chocolate Raspberry (chocolate cake, raspberry ganache, and dark chocolate mousse), the Chocolate Roulade (chocolate cake with chocolate-vanilla ganache), and the All-Hazelnut (hazelnut cake, mousse, and cream). These bûches are made in different sizes and cost, in order, $40, $38, $35, and $37. They can be ordered in-store, by phone, or by email until the end of December. Charlotte Pâtisserie, 596 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint (718-383-8313); 201 Court St, Cobble Hill (929-295-0372).

In Carroll Gardens and Park Slope, the two stores of Laurent Chavenet’s The French Tart attract crowds of the neighborhoods’ frenchies. This year, their bûches are $39 a piece: the Bonaparte (chocolate mousse with crème brûlée), the Joséphine (chocolate mousse with homemade raspberry jam), the Death by chocolate (chocolate mousse), the coffee buttercream (vanilla sponge cake rolled with coffee buttercream) and the chocolate buttercream (chocolate sponge cake rolled with chocolate buttercream). The French Tart, 579 5th avenue, Brooklyn 11215 (929-276-3035) and  306 Court street Brooklyn 11231 (347-916-0014).

Two bûches are on the menu this year at Pistache, South Williamsburg’s French pastry shop. The first, “Lemon & Hazelnut” for $49 (8-10 people), and the second, “Chestnut, Black Currant & Chocolate” for $55 (8-10). Order by phone at (917) 597-8387, or by email at [email protected]. Pistache, 630 Flushing Avenue, (917) 597-8387.

Bûches de Noël Queens

Jean-Claude Perennou has a treat in store for you in Queens. The owner of Cannelle Patisserie presents three traditional bûches: the first, Vanilla Passion Fruit, made with white chocolate mousse, creamy passionfruit, vanilla cookie, crispy cereal, and available for $30 (4 to 5 people), $40 (8 people), or $75 (16 people). The Mocha (coffee buttercream), and the chocolate-hazelnut, are available for $25, $35, or $65, according to size. The Grand Marnier, finally, will cost you $30, $40, or $75. To order from Long Island City, click here. For East Elmhurst, click here. The two addresses are: 5-11 47th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101 and 7559 31st Ave, East Elmhurst, NY 11370.

In Forest Hills, La Boulangerie offers bread and pastry. Two bûches are offered this year: chocolate, with raspberry compote; and hazelnut, with a jelly roll spiked with Cointreau. Order an individual serving ($6.95), one for 4-7 people ($40.50), or for 8-11 ($56.90). Order by phone or in-store. 109-01 72nd Rd., Forest Hills (347) 644-5606.

Bûches de Noël New Jersey

Choc O Pain has four locations between Jersey City and Hoboken. Two bûches are available this year to order: The Triple Chocolate and Vanilla Chestnut ($40 for 6-8 people). Reserve ahead, or head to the store Christmas week or New Year’s Day. Choc O Pain, various addresses.

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