Where to Get Crêpes in New York for $9 or Less

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There’s nothing quite like walking down the street at midnight to a hole-in-the-wall crêperie and paying 3€ for a crêpe Nutella. This simple joy that can be daily in France becomes an impossible task once on American soil. Getting a crêpe in the U.S. requires some research (does this place even serve crêpes?), timing (how late are they open?) and lots of money. Sometimes it’s hard to find a simple crêpe complet for less than $15.

To aid you on your hunt for crêpes, which becomes especially urgent for Chandeleur on February 2, we’ve assembled a list of New York crêperies that serve a crêpe jambon fromage and a crêpe sucre, each for $9 or less.

1. Bar Suzette Crêperie (Chelsea)


Located in Chelsea Market, Bar Suzette Crêperie offers perhaps the widest variety of crêpes in the city. There are 19 savory options, including a ham and cheese ($9) made with Swiss cheese, Italian ham, and Dijon mustard, but you may feel tempted to go for the Huevos Rancheros crêpe ($13). Choose from 16 sweet crêpes, from the classic sucre ($6) to the creative s’mores ($9). — 425 W 15th St (Chelsea)

2. Crêperie NYC (West Village & Lower East Side)

Though Crêperie NYC is so good at making chocolate crêpes there is a dedicated section of the menu, their classics are nothing to scoff at. The ham and cheese is an option ($8), or you can try the crêpe made with brie, turkey, basil, and artichoke tapenade ($11). Among the sweet options, besides the sugar crêpe ($6) there’s a chocolate lover’s one with a contents that might kill you: chocolate brownie with chocolate fudge, banana, ice cream, and whipped cream ($13). 112 MacDougal St (West Village); 135 Ludlow St (Lower East Side)

3. Crêpe Master (Harlem)


Customers’s favorite crêpes, both savory and sweet, at this crêperie are far from traditional. While at Crêpe Master, if you want to venture beyond the ham, cheese, and egg option ($9.50), and you can definitely ask for no egg to keep it classic (and yes, it’s 50 cents over our limit, but there’s an egg on it, what did you expect?), the number one choice for a savory crêpe is teriyaki chicken ($10.50). On the sweet side, it’s strawberry Nutella ($8) as the top crêpe choice, but you can’t go wrong with just a plain sugar crêpe ($6). — 139 W 116 St (Harlem)

4. Crêpe Factory (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)

In Bay Ridge, Crêpe Factory offers the classics alongside some truly creative sweet crêpes. The ham and cheese is nice and simple ($7) and the butter and powdered sugar crêpe is easy dining ($5.50), but you’ll have to prepare yourself — mentally and physically — for their original creations: there’s the Peanut Butter Lover with Reese’s Peanut Butter, Reeses Cups, graham cookie crust, ice cream, and whipped cream ($10.50); the Caramel Apple Pie Sundae with caramel, warm apples, graham cookie crust, ice cream, whipped cream ($10.50); the Golden Crêpe with Nutella spread, crushed Oreo cookies, and blackberries ($8). — 7306 3rd Ave (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)

5. Bonjour Crêpes and Wine (Upper East Side & Astoria, Queens) 


This Upper East Side establishment has been serving crêpes and wine to since 2013. Bonjour Crêpes and Wine offers a ham and gruyère crêpe ($9) and some variations on it like one with Hungarian ham, gruyère, tomato sauce, and basil ($11). There’s a variety of toppings if you want to add anything more, and a gluten free option. Besides the sugar crêpe ($5) for dessert, there’s an exceptional crêpe suzette on the menu ($14). — 1585 2nd Ave (82nd St); 1442 Lexington Ave (94th St); 3410 30th Ave (Astoria)

6. CUSP Crêpe and Espresso Bar (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

Another Park Slope location, CUSP Crêperie and Espresso Bar is the perfect place to go for crêpes if you want it with a café (the American kind or the French kind!). Order a gluten-free ham and cheese crêpe ($7) or go vegetarian with a tomato, mozzerella, and pesto crêpe ($8). For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the butter, sugar, and cinnamon option ($5) or a classic Nutella crêpe ($6). — 321 7th Ave (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

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