What Goes On Behind The Scenes Of A Boulangerie

Have you ever wondered how exactly the cookie crumbles — or at least the baguette? This behind the scenes look into the world of French bakers might give you a very sweet taste.

Oui In France‘s Diane takes a trip to Maison Travers, a boulangerie in the town of Cholet in France. But to get the good stuff, she has to show up at 4 am just to see these early risers get to work. The team? Quentin, the boulanger, is the one who makes the baguettes. But while that might seem like simple work, there are dozens of different types of bread, each made with different combinations of flour and marked by different patterns that give the baguette its signature crust. On the other side of the kitchen is Sylvain, who makes the viennoiseries, aka croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche, and tons more.


The life of a baker is a challenging one. Long hours, early shifts, and constant, constant production. But cooking is, after all, an art, and when you see how these plucky boys dance around the kitchen, you’ll have a new appreciation for the skill and technique that goes into making a hunk of bread that costs only a euro.