[Video] Unlocking Your Global Potential: Discover ESC Clermont Business School in France

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In this one-hour free webinar tailored for American high school students and parents across the United States, we will explore the key features of ESC Clermont that sets this school apart:

– Learning by Doing Approach: ESC Clermont is known for its hands-on learning philosophy, where theory meets real-world application

– International Study Abroad Opportunities: Discover how the school’s partnerships with esteemed universities worldwide provide unmatched study abroad experiences

– Professional Experience: Learn how strong industry connections offer valuable internships and networking opportunities

– Proximity to Students: A close-knit community, ensuring individualized support and guidance

– Active Student Life: Explore the vibrant campus life, from clubs and cultural events to recreational activities.

Join us to uncover how ESC Clermont Business School can be your launchpad to a world-class education and a global perspective.

Get ready to unlock your global potential!

Watch the replay here or directly on YouTube

Contact our speakers:

Anne Pats, Head of the Bachelor programme at ESC Clermont : [email protected]

Mohamed Elzayadi, Recruitment Manager for International Students : [email protected] / Phone number (WhatsApp as well): +33(0)7 64 77 89 27

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