Get to Know this Creamy Cheese from the French Countryside


[Sponsored article] French gastronomy is very rich, and one of its flagship dishes is cheese. Luckily, in France, there is a wide variety of cheeses to suit all tastes. Learn more about Fromagerie Guilloteau, and how it makes its creamy cheeses, for a better understanding of this quintessential element of French cuisine.

Back to the Roots of Guilloteau

For more than 40 years, Fromagerie Guilloteau has been crafting deliciously creamy cheeses in the French countryside. You may also know them under the brand names Fromager d’Affinois, their double cream line, or Saint Angel, their triple cream line. Both are a must try for any cheese lover.

It all started in the early 80s, when Monsieur Guilloteau began creating his own cheese. He was passionate and dedicated 10 years of his life to pioneering the recipe that is still used today in Pélussin.

Pélussin is a small village situated in the Rhônes Alpes region, in proximity to Lyon, the capital of gastronomy in France. This region, in addition to bringing together two of the largest French mountain ranges, is also characterized by its diversity in landscapes, wine, and cuisine.

Monsieur Guilloteau crafted his first cheese in 1981 using a unique approach to cheesemaking, which involved filtering the milk, using only the most noble part of it. A melt-in-the-mouth texture and a unique thin rind distinguish this French cheese.

An Award-Winning Cheese

Monsieur Guilloteau’s savoir-faire was passed down from generation to generation, resulting in delicious cheeses which received 14 awards in 2022 alone. The Fromager d’Affinois double cream “Le Fromager” was voted best among other cheeses at the Mondial du Fromage in 2023, and the awards continue to come their way.

Set out on a journey to the heart of the French countryside with Fromager d’Affinois and Saint Angel. These cheeses are certain to delight on any occasion, whether as the centerpiece of a cheeseboard or as an elegant dessert with a few complements.

Available in the United States

All of Guilloteau cheeses are Gluten Free, Naturally Lactose Free (Lactose < 0.03 oz/3.5 oz) and Vegetarian Friendly. Its creamy cheeses are available online on iGourmet, GourmetDash or Cured & Cultivated, and in stores across the U.S., including Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Shoprite, Gelson’s and much more.

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