The Winners of the 30 Word French Love Story Contest, 2023!!

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It’s 2023 and we all want to have something fun to do. It’s been three long years of Covid and more Covid and more Covid. And while many of us have sallied forth teaching ourselves to do tai chi, or make boeuf bourguignon like Julia Child, even taken trips (all the while playing dodge ball with Covid) or tried to write the Great American Novel, we have, in the bargain, for better or worse, learned a lot about ourselves during this strange time.

And one thing we have all learned for sure in the last three years is this: We want to belong to something, we want community, and we all need glimmers of hope and fun to keep us going. At Frenchly we endeavor to do just that: give you a communal space to dream, think, eat, read, watch, think and be merry all through the lens French arts, food, travel, cinema, books and culture.

Thank you for submitting–everyone on the Frenchly team loved reading your submissions!

And the winners to our first, so far our only, 30 Word French Love Story contest are as follows:

First Place: Renata who says she enjoys Frenchly’s “travel articles.” Her 30 Word Story is as follows:

“Paris is beautiful in the rain,” I said, looking at you

Your eyes locked with mine

A youthful smile wrinkled your face

“YOU are beautiful in the rain,” you replied.

Second Place: Jeanette who says she enjoys Frenchly’s coverage of “Cuisine. Restaurants. Arts.” Her 30 Word Story is as follows:

1979. Etienne. A bar. The left bank. A walk. Pressed against the door of the hotel. Breathless. The kiss…then vanished into the night.

Third Place: Toni who says of Frenchly, “Just learned about it so haven’t read much, but am interested.” Her 30 Word Story is as follows:

Student in France, Paris not in budget. My friend went and borrowed my dress. I took great comfort knowing that at least my dress went to Paris that year.

Fourth Place: Bianca who says she comes to Frenchly for “French recipes.” Her 30 Word Story is as follows:

I fell in love with an amazing, organic roasted chicken in Nice. It was and still is the best chicken I have ever eaten. It was roasted with Provence herbs.

Fifth Place: Michael says he reads Le Weekend on Frenchly for “Food (mostly) and life in Maine.” His 30 Word Story is as follows:

Nouvellement se sortir, on alla à Paris en hiver. Nous flânions en ville, main en main, frissonnant un peu de froid et d’excitation d’être ensemble, imaginant les possibilités d’amour.

And two honorable mentions: 

Lise, who reads Frenchly for “Food and restaurants in France, hidden gems in Paris, books about France.”

Two wide-eyed black kittens hang over a first-floor balcony on Rue Madame, peering down at the dogs peeing on the sidewalk below. “Surely humans love us best,” they purr.

And Chris, who joins us for “All things French.”

I hired a handsome Frenchman to tutor me in French. My lessons ended abruptly when my jealous spouse learned of our plan to practice French over dinner at L’Ardoise Bistro.

The top five winners will all receive advance reader copies of editor in chief, Caitlin Shetterly’s, forthcoming novel from HarperCollins, Pete and Alice in Maine. And the first place winner will also win this beautiful bracelet from our friends at agnès b. 

HUGE THANKS from the entire team at Frenchly for joining us in this fun endeavor! We loved reading your stories so, so much! Please come play with us again soon!

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