The Secret to French Fluency


Note: We’ve added a simplified version of Fluent to this article, for all Frenchly readers. Just hover over the blue highlighted words to try it out! By downloading Fluent, you’ll be able to practice your French vocabulary not just on this article, but all over the web! Interested? Download here!


[Sponsored article] For most of us, learning a language feels like scaling a mountain – a gargantuan task with no clear finish line – and it can seem like there’s no easy way to measure your progress.

Some nights you have a little too much Cabernet, and the words tumble from your lips, unburdened. Other nights, you’re just too tired for another Duolingo lesson, so you take a night off… and then another… and then another. Two steps forward, ten steps back.

Motivation: Only Half of the Story

You’re not alone: almost every French learner shares these problems and anxieties. The trouble is, by month #3 the anxieties make us second guess our efforts. “How much progress did I really make? How many years will this take?” It’s hard to stay motivated when it takes ages to see tangible progress.

As with most things in life, the secret to fluency is deceptively simple. Yes, the key is to build a habit so strong that you practice everyday for years. But that isn’t the whole story. That sort of long-term discipline doesn’t come easily to most of us – or we’d all be olympic athletes and concert pianists by now.

The Power of Immersion

The part that influencers, tutors, and apps miss when promoting their practice routines is environment building. If your surroundings, your tech, and your loved ones organically practice French with you, you won’t need to worry about habits in the first place. Language practice will never feel like a chore that you have to squeeze in before work – because you’ll simply learn French by living your life.

The ideal way to do this is to fly to Paris, and live your life in French. However, not all of us have the time or the means to drop everything and move or travel. And this is where Fluent comes to help you. Fluent’s team needed to learn French fast and couldn’t upend their lives to go on a language exchange. So instead, they built a way for your web browser to immerse you in French, whenever you’re online.

Practice French By Browsing The Web

By downloading the Fluent browser extension, you’ll be able to learn and practice French vocabulary along with the English text on any website. Anywhere! You name it, anywhere from Bloomberg to Google to Reddit is fair game. Fluent highlights English words; and hovering over them reveals an interactive exercise with a French translation. Completing quizzes unlocks more advanced words, as well as inflection, listening, pronunciation, and spelling tests.

Fluent will help you master over 1000 of the most important French words in under a year.  You will come to understand the majority of the French you encounter in movies, conversations and books. And the best part? You won’t spend a second worrying about habits, routines, or falling behind.

Special Offer for Frenchly Readers

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For a limited time, Fluent is offering 50% off of Fluent, for life, to the first 1000 Frenchly readers who sign-up! Just click here, or on any of the highlights in this article to download Fluent and automatically apply your discount.

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