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Is French Toast Actually French?

It's called French toast... but is it really French? Frenchly investigates.

How to Live Your Best French Autumn in New York

You may not be in France, but you can keep up your French vibes Stateside with a few simple suggestions.

7 Places to Dance with French People in Brooklyn

From cocktails with jazz to an all-night rager, these are the spots for mingling with Brooklyn's French.

Why Do Americans Call Double Doors “French Doors”?

Have you ever wondered why Americans call double doors "french doors?" So have we.

Why Do Americans Call Fries ‘French Fries’?

Or should we should just call them "freedom fries" and end the debate there?

Is The French Kiss Even French?

This week, we ask: is the French kiss anymore a product of France than French fries?
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