Viral French Cover Artist Sara’h Announces Concert Tour in France

They say you can’t reinvent the wheel, but whoever said that probably never tried to do it in French.

Meet Sara’h, a French singer making her way by doing the one thing French singers never seem to do anymore: singing in French. The chanteuse takes whatever Top 40 business is happening in the US and translates it into French. And the trick has really caught on, with almost two million YouTube subscribers tuning in to hear covers of everyone from Ariana Grande to Ed Sheeran. And she doesn’t stop at English covers — just take a look at this bizarrely excellent French edition of “Despacito.”


Like what you hear? Sara’h just announced a nationwide tour in France, starting with a show this Friday in Toulouse at Connexion Live, going through Paris on March 3, and capping off March 9 at Splendid in Lille. So if you’re an American in France feeling a little homesick, or a native Parisian tired of having to learn all your favorite songs in a new language, you might want to get your tickets now.