Michel et Augustin: Bringing a taste of France to your local Whole Foods!

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[Sponsored content] The French “troublemakers of taste” at Michel et Augustin are at it again. They’ve found a way to get their delicious ganache-filled Cookie Squares onto the shelves at Whole Foods Markets across the country!

Made with chocolate, butter and amour, their cookies are a little taste of France in a bite-sized format. And what better timing – when everyone wants nothing more than to go to Paris… but can’t get away just yet.

Don’t know Michel et Augustin? These two French guys, who were sick of their corporate jobs and had a passion for pastry, have been whipping up delicious, simple recipes for over 15 years. They hit US shelves in 2015 and opened their first “Banana Farm” (their office’s nickname) outside France.

There have been many adventures along the way for this little “tribe.” Back in 2015, as they were just getting started, they got a call out of nowhere from Starbucks requesting samples. Rather than mailing cookies, they sent two troublemakers in their signature orange aprons to Seattle to personally deliver a box of cookies to Howard Schultz. It was a bit of a saga, but to make a long story short, they came, they saw, they cookied – and showed up at 7,600 Starbucks stores a few months later. (The whole operation was completely spontaneous and unstaged – and was also caught on camera. Catch up here.)


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They hopped onboard with Delta starting in 2017, flying first class (ooh la la!) on all domestic flights across the country. “This kind of visibility is incredible for a new brand that no one has ever heard of,” says Alix Leonardi, the “Sales Superstar” of the Michel et Augustin US family. “We were getting calls from frequent flyers all the time: where can we find these cookies?!”

The launch at Whole Foods is another huge spurt in Michel et Augustin’s growth stateside. “Being available online is of course essential – on Amazon and the e-Bakery on our website,” explains Danielle King, VP Sales for Michel et Augustin US. “But you haven’t made it until you win over the retail supermarkets and their shoppers. Whole Foods is going to be huge in sharing our delicious French cookies with a wider butter-loving audience.”

So, starting August 2020, Michel et Augustin’s eye-catching selection of bags will brighten the aisles of hundreds of Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. Each Le Cookie Bag features 15 individually wrapped Cookie Squares in four decadent flavors: Dark Chocolate and a Pinch of Sea Salt; Milk Chocolate and Melty Caramel; Chocolate and Toasted Hazelnuts; and Triple Chocolate (available exclusively at Whole Foods until the end of 2020 – get it while it’s hot!).

“Being on the shelf at Whole Foods Market is a dream for us,” adds Sebastien Guillon, Global CEO of Michel et Augustin. “There is no better partner to help us share our passion for French pastry from coast to coast.”

Do you love butter and chocolate, too? See you at Whole Foods!

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