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Learn the Most Popular Sports in France and How to Talk about Them


The French are not necessarily known to be an athletic people. But when they do get involved in sports, they go hard.

In this French language tutorial, you will learn the top 5 most popular sports in France and a bit about the role they play in French culture. The biggest, of course, is football, or “le foot,” aka soccer. Like most Europeans, the French consider this simple ball game a matter of national importance, and a representation of national pride beyond even quality of life or quality of wine.

Another big one you might be expecting is cycling, a sport made popular nationally and internationally by the famous Tour de France, the yearly bicycle race around France that draws thousands of tourists a year. This year’s route has already been mapped out, and perennial champion Chris Froome will have his work cut out for him to steal a fifth trophy for the UK.

So brush up on your sportstalk. You never know when you’ll get stuck at a French bar in the middle of a competition and need to talk your way out of boxing range.

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