Learn How To Make The Lyonnaise Specialty Pink Praline Tart

If you’re looking for a French dessert that’s not already being sold at Maison Kayser for $10 a pop, look no farther than this recipe for Pink Praline Tart, a specialty of the French city of Lyon.

You might already be familiar with pralines, typically hazelnuts or almonds coated in a special sugar mixture, but this recipe is unique because it uses pralines roses. In this video, Chef Stephane of French Cooking Academy shows you how to make the simple, but delicious, dessert. All you need is some sweet shortcrust pastry dough, cream, and, of course, some pink pralines. While you blind bake the crust (AKA, bake it before putting the filling in), grind the pralines and mix with cream at a heat of about 235°F in order to caramelize the mixture. Then pour into the crust, let sit, and BAM! A delicious, Instagrammable dessert.


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