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[Sponsored article] So, you want to learn French? Great choice! French is one of the most popular second languages to learn, and rightly so. Learning French allows you to appreciate the richness and depth of French culture in whole new ways. 

But if you don’t have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a French-speaking culture, you may ask yourself, how can I learn the language quickly on my own? Besides immersion, one of the best ways to learn French through context and exposure to French culture is by watching French television and movies.

And this is where Lingopie comes in! Lingopie is a unique streaming service designed specifically for language learners. It has thousands of hours of international television series and films, including tons of great French content. The handy built-in features help you actively learn while you binge-watch great content, then let you review what you learned when you finish streaming. Enjoy a 7-day free trial and a special discount of 65% off the annual plan for Frenchly subscribers. Grab it by the link!

How Does Lingopie Help You Learn French?

There are two main reasons why learning a new language like French by watching TV and movies is one of the best ways to learn quickly: culture and context.

Formal classroom instruction, textbooks, vocabulary and grammar memorization drills can teach you a lot, but they only go so far. What these things don’t do is expose you to the language as it’s actually spoken by people day to day. 

When you watch French TV and movies, you are listening to French the way that people and characters from all walks of life speak it — slang included. You will learn vocabulary and grammar by diving into contemporary context and culture, instead of from a textbook or lesson plan that was written years ago.

Check out the video below for some examples of how you can learn useful French slang by watching a segment of the show “Fluide:”

Features of Lingopie

1) Subtitles in both English and French

All the French content on Lingopie is available with subtitles in both English and French. So, if you are just starting out on your French-learning journey, you can watch shows and movies with English subtitles to really get into the characters and storylines. Then, when you’re ready, you can switch to French subtitles to follow along with the dialogue more easily and practice your French listening and comprehension skills.

2) Clickable subtitles

Additionally, all the subtitles on Lingopie are fully interactive and clickable. Simply click on any word or phrase you don’t know to pull up an instant translation. Lingopie then automatically saves all the words you click on to your account, so you can go back and review them later on and commit them to memory.

MashUP Lite

If you feel like watching a show with subtitles in English is not teaching you fast enough, but you are not ready to watch the show with only French subtitles yet, try the new MashUP Lite feature! 

This exciting new version of the MashUP feature gradually replaces words in English with French, so the transition isn’t too sudden, and you can still easily follow along with the story and get into the characters. The new words appear with the translation already in a bubble on the screen, so you don’t even have to click on words you don’t know to learn them.


Another great new addition to Lingopie is the quizzes feature. This is a handy way to help you reinforce what you’re learning in real-time and keep you engaged while you watch. 

Quizzes live right in Lingopie’s video player and get triggered when you click on five words that you don’t know. When this happens, a multiple-choice quiz pops up on the screen and challenges you to select the correct meaning for each of the words you clicked on, making sure you stay productive learning-wise.

Quizzes are currently available in the desktop version of Lingopie and are coming soon for mobile web and app users.

Saved words as flashcards or a word list

When you go to the “Review & Learn” section of your profile, you will see all the words you have saved from each show or movie you have watched. All you have to do is click on “Review Words” and you will be taken to a new screen where you have the option to review your saved words using either flashcards or a word list. Easy, right?

When you are confident that you will not forget a new word, simply mark that you know it and add it to your list of words learned. Your home screen will even give you a quick summary of how many words you have saved for review, how many words you have learned, and how many minutes of French content you have watched in total.

Lingopie is constantly working to develop and add new features to make learning a new language even easier. Pronunciation check and private lessons are coming soon to the platform.

Some of the Best Shows To Learn French With on Lingopie

Whether you are an absolute beginner, an intermediate or an advanced French learner, Lingopie’s catalog truly has something for everybody. You can scroll through it to browse sections like “New Releases,” “Beginner Friendly,” “Cartoons,” “Documentary,” and much more. Below, Lingopie gives you a few ideas to get you started.


Who said cartoons are just for kids? When you are learning a new language, why not go back to the basics with a fun French cartoon? “Oswaldo” is a great choice for French beginners. The show takes you along on the escapades of 12-year-old penguin, “Oswaldo,” as he turns any daily situation into an unforgettable adventure.


Détour is a short film that is adequate for beginners. A Lingopie Editor’s Choice, this movie follows the journey of a small tricycle who has lost its young owner. The tricycle sets off on a detour along French roads in an attempt to reunite with its owner. Will there be a happy ending? You will have to watch to find out!


“Trekking” is a reality show that takes you on a journey through the great outdoors. From creek jumping and hiking some of the world’s most difficult trails, to kayaking and skydiving, be prepared for a wild ride. “Trekking” is ideal for intermediate French learners.

Match Day

“Match Day” is another one for the intermediate crowd. It is a suspenseful series that centers around a small town devastated by the murder of a local football (or soccer, for you North Americans/Australians) supporter in the stands during a match. A local police woman, Alex, investigates and tries to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Pacific Criminal

This one is for the fans of detective shows. “Pacific Criminal” follows the lives of several police detectives in New Caledonia, an overseas French Territory in the South Pacific. The series shows how the different characters’ lives intertwine, as well as explores the history, culture, and society of New Caledonia. “Pacific Criminal” is best for advanced French learners.

So, now that you know how watching French TV and movies on Lingopie can jumpstart your language-learning journey, what are you waiting for to get started? 

Visit Lingopie.com today to sign up for a totally free trial and start binge-watching your way to speaking French from the comfort of your own home!

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