In 2022, say goodbye to back pain and stress: discover Pilates


[Sponsored article] You’ve probably already heard about the exercise regime called, Pilates. But have you ever tried it? Today more than ever, this discipline can help you. Indeed, if you’ve started working from home because of the pandemic, you may feel the need to exercise on a daily basis to reconnect with your body but you are not sure where to begin.

Here at Frenchly, with this in mind, and knowing that the new year is coming, we met with Florence Benichou, the owner of the online company Flowing Pilates to learn more about Pilates.

Spoiler alert! A special offer awaits you at the end of this article!

What is Pilates?

The Pilates method refers to its founder Joseph Pilates, a gymnast born in 1883. He was the inventor of a series of physical exercises called “Contrology,” which were designed to help rehabilitate the wounded during and after World War I. Later, he began to further develop his method when he opened his first studio in 1923 in New York City, where he attempted to respond to the ills of an increasingly sedentary life by integrating the practice into a life-approach called, “Global Health”.

Many people compare Pilates to yoga, however there are many differences between the two disciplines. Pilates is actually a mix of yoga, martial arts, dance and gymnastics. If you already do yoga, you will definitely recognize some yoga positions, but Pilates is a much more dynamic and invigorating practice. Plus, in Pilates, “you won’t find the spiritual dimension you have in yoga”, explains Florence. With that being said, Pilates remains a discipline that will help you release tension and stress.

The main goal of Pilates is to strengthen the deep muscles, whose energy center is located in the abdominal part of your body, and thus to protect your spine and your back. This is particularly helpful, for example, for people who spend their days working in a seated position. Pilates allows you to improve and correct your posture, to prevent and relieve possible joint problems and back pain (scoliosis, lumbago…). “As a certified Pilates teacher, I work more and more with the medical profession, especially with physiotherapists“, Florence says.

Who should practice Pilates ? 

Florence’s answer was short and clear: “Everyone!”  Pilates’ main goal is to reinforce your core and deep muscles, which is helpful for everyone. This practice helps with the posture, back and shoulder aches and, for athletes, it also teaches you how to avoid injuries in your daily training. Furthermore, the practice is recommended for pregnant women, with targeted exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscle.

In terms of results, practicing Pilates helps you tone your body and actually increase your muscle weight. By strengthening the deep core muscles, you’ll see your stomach flatten and strengthen. Generally, the results appear within a month of starting a regular practice.

Pilates allows you to become aware of your own body, know your limits, but also release tension. This is particularly useful nowadays, where we are mostly sedentary and stressed all the time.”, continues Florence.

Moreover, Florence is even considering starting classes for children, as she saw how much her clients’ kids enjoyed joining her sessions.

Discover Flowing Pilates

Flowing Pilates now offers Pilates classes 100% online. “Already before COVID, I was offering online classes. It’s really convenient, it saves time and it doesn’t disrupt your whole day to do a half an hour or a one hour workout. So, no more excuses, I’ll call you even if you are in your pajamas” she says, smiling. Florence now even offers classes with friends, always online: ideal for a friendly workout in times of social distancing, or when you and your friends aren’t in the same area. In addition, Florence offers courses for companies to help employees feel better, and thus, enable them to work better.

What to expect from a course with Florence?

Your first class with Florence is always an individual class, during which you will discuss your background and your exercise background. This will help enable Florence to establish a diagnosis, evaluate your needs and give you the main principles of the Pilates method. “I adapt my lessons to each person. If there is a need to go slowly, I go slowly. If, on the contrary, the person wants more challenge, I add difficulty. In any case, I accompany each person to help him or her give the best of themselves.” This then allows Florence to integrate you into a (small) group of students with the same level as you. The groups are small (up to six persons), so that Florence is able to observe and correct everyone’s positions and movements if needed.

Special offer for Frenchly readers

So, are you ready for a new challenge to get a jump start on a healthier and happier you for the New year? Are you ready to start Pilates? If so, Florence has created a special Christmas package just for you.

Enjoy one introduction session (fifteen minutes) + four classes (3+one free) + 15% discount on the flexi stretcher (a tool to help you further your practice), for only $150.

To benefit from the offer, simply send a message to Florence at [email protected] or via whatsapp: (646) 541 1834 telling her that you are coming from Frenchly and specifying the language in which you would like to chat (French or English).


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