French Women Share Their Favorite Swear Words

What is it that makes French women so chic? It might be more simple than you think. 

In a word, “nonchalance,” as one Parisienne puts it. To pull off that perfect cultivated carelessness, you need to play a kind of style jujitsu: embrace your flaws, and you shall become flawless. Easier said than done, especially if you’ve ever tried the “less is more” makeup approach, but maybe these gals are onto something.


And what’s a part of nonchalance? The effortless tell-off. In this video, Parisian women spill their secrets on how to cultivate that elusive French aura via swearing. Learn everything from how to let the whole office know you’re having a bad morning, to what to tell an unwanted suitor to do with himself. You may not know it yet, but there is a way to sound elegant after you’ve just stubbed your toe on a nasty corner. Check out the video above to learn from the pros.

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