Parisian Women Share Their Fitness Secrets

French women are notorious for not working out. You won’t find them doing Crossfit, sweating it out at soul cycle, or doing any of the crazy fitness fads that Americans like to do. So how exactly do they stay so healthy?

Well besides their healthy eating habits, Parisian women do stay active. It’s just in a more relaxed, less pop-music-fueled way than Americans. Harper’s Bazaar asked for Parisian women’s fitness routines as an installment in a series of videos talking to Parisian women about their lives. There was not one mention of Crossfit. Instead, these Parisian women explained that taking a walk by the Seine, going for a swim, or taking a ballet class are some of the ways that they like to stay active and healthy. And with only a few mentions of doing pilates, it seems like French women tend to stay away from the gym… which is honestly probably better for keeping your gym anxiety at bay anyway, right?

Learn some of the fitness secrets of Parisian women in the video above.