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Tutorial: French Makeup vs. American Makeup


If you’re trying to get the effortlessly chic look of the French, you might have to let go of some of your American beauty standards… especially when it comes to makeup.

For the French, makeup is always a “less is more” kind of deal. American makeup trends tend to follow the latest celebrity styles (hello, Kardashians!) and YouTube beauty vloggers’ tips, so the current American beauty look involves a lot of contouring, bronzing, and highlighting. To get the French beauty look, you have to let go of the heavy foundation and contoured look and let your minimalistic side show through.

All it takes is a simple, yet effective french skincare routine. With fresh, healthy skin, and a bit of mascara and lipstick you will look effortlessly French in minutes.

Learn more in the going-out makeup comparison tutorial above by beauty vlogger MrJovitageorge (and check out the comments — most people seem to a agree that she knows what she’s talking about!).

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