Camille Rowe Shows How to Do Effortless French Girl Beauty

A woman standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera

Camille Rowe proves that less is more. Or, at least the appearance of less is. “I feel like people are like, ‘ooh french beauty, they don’t do anything.’ I think it’s more about looking as natural as possible,” she explains to the camera.

In this Vogue video, the 29-year-old French-American model shows how to do her go-to Paris Fashion Week look. Call us crazy, but her PFW look is so subtle, it could be a daily look. “At the end of the day I’d rather look like I have no makeup on,” says Rowe.

From start to finish, Rowe walks you through every step of her process, which has some of what you’d expect (a lot of moisturizing) plus a few things you’ve never thought of (who knew you could use a hat to style your hair in a way that wasn’t hat-hair?). But even if the trick is something you never thought to try or haven’t heard of before, all aspects of her routine are supremely doable. Nothing too expensive or tricky here, just effortless French beauty.

As Rowe talks her way through the video, she’ll quickly become one of your favorite French beauty icons. She’s relatable: of French pharmacies, she says “I love walking in, I buy a lot of random stuff” (who doesn’t?). She talks about her commitment to applying sunscreen, her dislike of exercise and how she makes her own DIY lip scrub.

For more Camille Rowe, check out her video on French vs. American girl style.

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