Where to Find Bûche de Noël in NYC this Christmas

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It’s bûche de noël season, baby! If you’re confused, this cylinder of bûchey deliciousness is known also known as a Yule Log (and we’re not talking about the kind you burn on the fire — we’ll leave that to the Netflix show Fireplace for Your Home). Thankfully, there are quite a few places in New York to procure the traditional French dessert this winter. Here are some of Frenchly’s favorites.


Every Christmas Maison Kayser makes truly mouth-watering bûches. This year’s options are the classic Kayser (dark chocolate mousse and crème brulée), red fruits and blueberries, and chestnut with orange confit. Bûches serve 6-8 ($42), or come in individual sizes ($6.75) for those who don’t like to share! Available until December 31. Order by calling 646-783-3559, or ordering here.
Various locations, including 1294 3rd Avenue; 1800 Broadway; 8 W.40th Street; 921 Broadway

New York pastry institution Payard is sticking with a combo of classic and fruity bûches — the unbeatable chocolate (made without flour!), blackcurrant-passion fruit, and chocolate-raspberry. Bûches are available in three sizes: $26 for 4 people, $38 for 6, and $48 for 8.
116 W Houston St, Soho, (212) 995-0888; 210 Murray Street, Battery Park, (212) 566-8300

Ladurée does not take their bûche lightly. Six flavors are available in individual-sized bûchette: the C-shaped “céleste” (hazelnut, almond, praline), the “candy” (red fruits, almonds, vanilla), the “fleur noire” (chocolate, vanilla), the “Marie-Antoinette” (rose, raspberries, lychees), the “duchesse” (chestnut, rum) and the “macaron-pistachio.” The price tag on these insta-worthy bûches runs between $8 and $10.
864 Madison Avenue, UES; 398 West Broadway, Soho

Dominique Ansel bûche

At the infamous Dominique Ansel, New York’s best-known French pastry chef concocted three bûches, all delicious and delightful as dessert-table centerpieces. This year, choose between a chestnut bûche made from Aubenas chestnuts from France (and with a touch of whisky), a pistachio-cherry bûche, and a gluten-free double-chocolate bûche decorated with starts and meringue Santa Claus. Each bûche serves 6-8 ($45), and must be ordered 48 hours in advance online or in person at the bakeries.
189 Spring Street, Soho, (212) 219 2773; 137 Seventh Avenue South, West Village (212) 242 5111

At Aux Merveilleux de Fred, the specialty is, of course, Merveilleux (the cake). Branching out from their namesake for the holiday season, they sell two kinds of bûche: dark chocolate and white chocolate-speculos. Fortunately, for those who struggle to make decisions, both are made with meringue and whipped cream. The individual size is $6.50, for four people it’s $26, and for 10 people it’s $65. You’re better off placing an order either in-store or by phone to make sure you get one before they’re all gone.
37 8th Ave, West Village

Financier is going all out in 2017 with five recipes: chocolate, coffee, Grand Marnier, praline, and Nuit de Velour (chocolate, red fruits, and orange). These ornately decorated logs are available in two sizes: 9″ ($39) or 13″ ($50). Nuit de Velours only comes in one size, 9″, for $46. Available to order at all locations throughout Manhattan, by telephone at 718-290-1011, or via email at [email protected], or online.
See all locations here

Financier bûche

Foodies will love the chocolate-caramel and coffee-hazelnut bûches at NYC staple Bouchon Bakery, sizes available to serve 6 ($38) or 10 ($48). Orders must be placed before December 20 either by filling out this form, calling, or in person. Orders must be picked up on the 22nd, 23rd, or 24th.
1 Rockefeller Plaza; 3rd floor Columbus Circle/Time Warner Center (212-823-9357)

At La Maison du Chocolat, two bûches are offered this year: chocolate and chocolate-raspberry. One single bûche (because it’s hard to share) costs $10. For four people, there’s a bûche for $56, and for six people, it’s $77. Be careful not to wander into just any Maison du Chocolat with your heart set on bûche, these logs are only sold in the Madison Avenue and Rockefeller Center shops.
30 W 49th St (Rockefeller Center); 1018 Madison Ave, UES

Simplicity and chic are the keywords at Balthazar Bakery, where they’re offering one truly excellent bûche: a chocolate sponge and chocolate mousse, blanketed in delicious dark chocolate, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Get it for $75.
80 Spring Street (212-965-1785)

Balthazar bûche

Silvermoon Bakery believes in bûches for all, with more affordable prices (for equally delicious logs)! The offer a dark chocolate and chestnut bûche, along with a new one, mascarpone! They come in three sizes: 6″ serving 4-6 ($36), 9″ serving 7-10 ($44). They’re also offering a new, larger bûche size of 12″, serving 12-14 ($56) — perfect for your Noël Party!
2740 Broadway, UWS

Also on the Upper West Side, La Toulousaine brings out the bûche for the holidays. Three bûches to be precise: vanilla, chocolate, and coffee, available in three sizes for $34, $48, and $64 (taxes included). They must be ordered at least five days in advance, so don’t wait.
942 Amsterdam Ave, UWS, (212) 866-2253

L’Epicerie Boulud is bringing back their 5 traditional bûches de Noel: cassis, hazelnut, vanilla, Bavarian cream, and passionfruit-banana. Each bûche serves 6-8 ($42).
1900 Broadway (212-595-0303); 185 Greenwich St LL 4000 (World Trade Center)

Mille-Feuille offers three classic bûches, each with a unique twist: vanilla-Cognac-chestnut, three-chocolate, and dark chocolate sea salt caramel. Each 7″ bûche serves 6 people ($39). Order before December 17 with the code SANTA to get 15% off.
2175 Broadway, UWS, (212 362-6261); 552 Laguardia Pl, Greenwich Village, (212 533 4698); 250 W 77th St, in the Hotel Belleclaire (212 362-6261)

Mille-feuille bûche

Contrary to what its name indicates, Eclair Bakery not only offers éclairs! Stéphane Pourrez’s pastry shop provides you with a cornucopia of bûche options. On the menu: Wendy (milk chocolate mousse and crème brûlée), Strawberry Shortcake (vanilla mousse, strawberry compote, and pistachio cake), New York (vanilla mousse, pecan, caramel, brownie), Tiramisu (coffee and mascarpone mousse), and Celeste (raspberry mousse, vanilla cream). The bûches are available in sizes serving 4-6 people, for $26, and serving 8-10 people for $42. Pre-orders are recommended.
305 East 53rd Street, Midtown East

Up in Spanish Harlem is La Tropézienne, a French bakery that serves five types of bûche: vanilla-buttercream, chocolate ganache, Grand Marnier, praline-hazelnut, and milk chocolate. They’re all available in five sizes that can feed 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 hungry  people, for $20, $26, $32, $38, and $44 dollars, respectively.
2131 1st Ave, First Floor, Harlem (212) 860-5324

Le District may be at the bottom of Manhattan, but their bûche is at the top of its game. They’re offering five traditional bûches: chocolate, coffee, praline, Grand Marnier, and Nuit de Velour. Stop in on a whim’s notice and you can leave with a 9″ bûche ($39). For a 13″ bûche ($50), order at least 24 hours before you want to take the log home. The Nuit de Velour is only available in a 9″ size ($46). Le District is offering bûche until the end of the year, so you have plenty of time to get one (and then another… and then another…).
Brookfield Place, 225 Liberty St, Financial District, (212) 981-8588)

Le District bûche

Laurent Dupal’s patisserie Ceci Cela offers three flavors, the chocolate-Grand Marnier-vanilla, pistachio-praline, and the Vendôme (filled with mousse au chocolat, piled with strawberries and topped with heavenly chocolate glaze). The first two are available in small (6-8 people) and large (10-12 people), and the third is only available in large.
14 Delancey St. (212-274-9179)
*Call for pricing, or to custom-order bûches de Noël*

On the Upper West Side, Margot Bakery is where you’ll find a really excellent bûche. The small French establishment on 74th street offers two flavors this year: chocolate or mocha, both with a vanilla sponge cake and a butter meringue cream on the outside. You have the possibility to choose your decoration. In case you don’t have friends to share with, there are individual sizes available. Each of the bûches are $50, $60, or $70 when bought at their three full-sized options. They can do custom orders, but you have to call. Pre-orders are open until December 18. Cards are not accepted.
2109 Broadway (entrance on West 74th Street), UWS, 212-721-0076


Bien Cuit on Smith Street offers two bûches, but in this case less is definitely more. The grapefruit (posed on an almond shortbread and draped in dark chocolate) is a rich tropical getaway from New York winter weather. The chocolate bûche, with mousse, melted caramel, and Breton chocolate shortbread, is a unique spin on the classic. Available in small ($8) and large ($35). Pre-order yours here.
120 Smith Street, Downtown Brooklyn (718-576-3760)

Bien Cuit bûche

La Provence en Boite is covering all their flavor bases with four bûche options: Traditional (comes in chocolate, vanilla, praline, Grand Marnier), the Trio (mousse in white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate), the Princess (raspberry, ginger-banana compote, white chocolate mousse), and the Santa (dark chocolate mousse). Available in individual sizes ($5.50), for 6 people ($29), for 10 people ($49), and for 15 people ($65). Order by calling the store.
263 Smith Street (718-797-0707)

For Williamsburg, Caprices by Sophie offers a series of gluten-free bûches (chocolate, salted butter caramel, matcha tea and white chocolate, coconut, and raspberry). The small one ($29) serves 4-6 people, the big one serves 10-12 ($59). Sophie Jaeger also offers a “Mont-Blanc” bûche that’s $35 for the small, $65 for the large, and a “Saint-Honoré” bûche (chocolate vanilla, lemon vanilla, coffee) that’s $29 for the small, $59 for the large. Finally, she offers a “croquenbûche” which is (you’ll never guess), a croquembouche in the shape of a log.
138 N 6th St, Brooklyn. (347)689 4532.

This is Laurent Chavenet’s first Christmas in Brooklyn: the French chef installed Le French Tart in Park Slope and closed his Staten Island office, much to the dismay of the Francophile Staten Islanders. He offers two classic bûche, coffee buttercream or chocolate, and three “mousses”: the Bonaparte with creme brûlée in the middle, the Joséphine with mousse au chocolat and jam, and the “Death by chocolate” which is “all chocolate” (just like we like it). One size and one price. His bûches feed 6-8 people for $38. To order, go to French Tart or call. Cakes will be made within 24 hours.
579 5th Avenue, Park Slope, (929)-276-3035

Le French Tart bûche (photo via Instagram, @lefrenchtart)

At Charlotte Pâtisserie, in Cobble Hill and Greenpoint, you have to choose between a Nutcracker bûche with praline cream and hazelnut crust ($30), a vanilla Plougastel bûche with vanilla and pistachio cream and strawberry compote ($35), a chocolate-strawberry bûche ($37), and all-hazelnut ($35).
596 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint; 201 Court St, Cobble Hill (718.383.8313)

At Colson Patisserie, bûches must be ordered 48 hours in advance — these are special orders for special dietary needs! And only one size is available, for 6-8 people for $32. Four options are on the menu this year: lemon caramel meringue (gluten-free!), chocolate mousse (made with no hazelnuts), opera (gluten-free!), and raspberry charlotte (without gluten, hazelnuts, or macaroons). To order, visit the stores, call, or email [email protected]. Colson also sells Christmas boxes containing a bûche and other sweets.
374 9th St, Park Slope, (718-965-6400); 253 36th St, Industry City, (347-637-6676)


Cannelle provides excellent bûche to the Jackson Heights and Long Island City neighborhoods. At Jackson Heights, they offer three types of bûches de Noel: mocha (coffee and buttercream), “vanilla exotic” (Bavarian vanilla with passionfruit filling and buttercream finish), and chocolate hazelnut (hazelnut crème brûlée, chocolate almond cake, and milk chocolate mousse). In LIC, they offer those three plus one more: Mont Blanc, with rum sablée Breton, vanilla parfait, roasted chestnuts, blackcurrant jam, and chestnut cream. Available to serve 4-6 ($25), or 8-10 ($35), and 16-20 ($65). To order, write to [email protected].
75-59 31st Ave, East Elmhurst (718-565-6200)

New Jersey

And last but not least, Chocopain in New Jersey collaborated with Mille Feuille to offer three worthy bûches (triple chocolate, chocolate and caramel, vanille-cognac-chestnut) in its three stores in Hoboken, Jersey City, and Jersey City Heights. It feeds 6 people and costs $39. Order online or in person.
157 First Street, Hoboken, (201) 710-5175; 530 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, (201) 435-2462; 330-332 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City, (201) 420-7111

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