Enjoy a True Parisian Experience With Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

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[Sponsored article] The Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, the iconic temple of Parisian shopping since 1912, is now becoming a place for you to enjoy a whole French experience! If you’re coming to Paris this summer, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the different experiences offered by this historic Parisian Department Storeand the 3500 brands it houses. 

From cooking classes to fashion shows to guided tours, there’s something for everyone and each experience will create unique memories.

French Macaron Bakery Class

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Make the most of your stay in Paris by uncovering the mysteries of the macaron and becoming an expert in preparing and baking this iconic French confection. 

In the heart of the Opera district, in a quiet corner of the Galeries Lafayette, learn the tricks of a French pastry chef for pulling off perfect macarons. This one-and-a-half-hour class breaks down into two stages: First you will don your apron and discover the important steps to create the perfect cookie. Then, comes the long awaited and convivial moment of tasting.

This experience is child friendly, so you can come with your whole family and leave with your own set of freshly baked chocolate and pistachio macarons to savor with a café. 


Adult entry : 49€
Children’s entry  : 15€
Duration : 1h30
Book your class below.

Guided Heritage Tours

For a little more than a year, the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann has been offering guided tours to discover the architecture and history of this magnificent department store. The tours take place before business hours, which will grant you an intimate and exclusive experience in this unique art nouveau-style building.

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Follow the guide and listen to their anecdotes. You’ll also have access to the Galeries Lafayette archive collections, which gather historical and marvellously curious pieces such as unique clothing, posters, brochures from flea markets and auctions, and even some vases from the Paris World Fair. 


Adult entry : 15€
Children’s entry  : 5€
Duration : 1h30
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Original Fashion Shows

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What better city than Paris to attend a fashion show? This is your chance to discover the latest trends from the biggest names in fashion and experience an authentic Parisian fashion moment.

The show lasts thirty minutes and the clothes are available for purchase  at the Galeries Lafayette store afterwards.


Adult entry: 13,90€
Child entry: 9€
Duration: 30min
Book your ticket below.

Workshops FERRANDI Paris x Galeries Lafayette 

The Galeries Lafayette has invited the prestigious FERRANDI Paris School to host Chefs’ Secrets, a new series of workshops designed to teach you how to whip up classic French dishes worthy of the fanciest of restaurants.

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Work alongside chefs from the most prestigious cooking school in the world to uncover the secrets of iconic French recipes. There’s something for everyone, from workshops dedicated to sweet treats, savory dishes and even baking workshops for children! To further tempt your taste buds and extend the experience at home, you can find the high-quality products used in the workshop at the Maison & Gourmet Store in the Galeries.


Adult entry : 120€
Duration : 2 hours
Book your class below.

Parisian Shopping Experience

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You want to experience the Parisian shopping experience in the heart of the temple of fashion? Galeries Lafayette has you covered.

Get access to “Le Concierge,” a prestigious lounge, where everything has been designed to provide you with a magical, stress-free shopping experience. Your only concern will be finding the items you love and enjoying your day. Everything else is taken care of! 

Enjoy hands-free shopping, without having to worry about your bags: simply tell the Galeries Lafayettes team what you want and they’ll take it from there. There’s also the possibility of shipping your purchases anywhere in Paris–your hotel room, apartment, or Airbnb. 

Throughout the day, you’ll receive special, curated attentions like a delicious meal for lunch and  special access to a VIP changing room and bathroom. If needed, the Galeries Lafayette will take care of calling you a taxi at the end of the day. 

*This offer does not include a personal shopper



Duration: One day. 

So, which experience will you choose first? Book your special Parisian day hosted by the Galerie Lafeyettes using the calendar below!

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