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[Sponsored agenda] France Channel is a brand new and exciting streaming platform that is 100% dedicated to French culture and entertainment and is available with English subtitles. It has the largest diversified range of French programs, with the biggest selection of movies & TV shows, documentaries, magazines, live shows, cartoons for kids and online broadcasting of France 24 live international news, both in French and English.

There is something for everyone

This largest library of French movies covers all genres (comedy, drama, thriller, and family) and all periods (from the 50’s to the latest releases). It is the unique destination for the fans of the iconic French actresses Catherine Deneuve or Camille Cottin, the rising star of “Call My Agent”, as well as French king of comedy Louis de Funès, or the Academy Award winner Jean Dujardin.

New titles are added each week. The most recent additions are Knock on Wood, starring Gérard Depardieu and Pierre Richard or the recent family comedy The New Adventures of Aladdin with Kev Adams.

As French TV shows are getting more and more popular, France Channel brings to the US never before seen television such as, Tomorrow Is Ours and Chronicles of the Sun, two highly successful daily shows on French television.

Learn about new subjects, in French

To fulfill its unique “Culturetainment” proposition, France Channel has put together a new collection of documentaries and magazines, for example: Learn how to cook with the best French chefs (Chefs’ Signature); travel through the most stunning regions of France (Beautiful Getaway); or get to know the latest trends from Paris, the capital of fashion (Dressed up for...)

A new selection of programs is made available with French subtitles to help French learners with practicing the French language, such as the family movie, War of Buttons or the historical documentary, Secrets of History: Joan of Arc.

A selection for children

France Channel also includes hundreds of episodes of cartoons in French for kids from 3 to 10 years old, such as the Long Long Holiday, to allow the whole family to enjoy the best of France!

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