Cuffing Season is Here and It’s Time to Start Dating

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(Sponsored article) Every year the nights get longer and colder, and every year the frenzy to find a partner to snuggle up with seems to come around quicker. This is cuffing season, when the only way to avoid the harsh cold nights is to find yourself someone to get cozy with. 

Before you start the swipe, we’ve got 5 ways to make sure you’re clued up on cuffing:

1. Look good, do good

Basically, you need to look ten out of ten. So choose pictures that showcase how great you really are. They need to be high-quality, and up to date — don’t be a catfish. 

Actually, some dating apps will actively delete any pictures that aren’t honest, so there’s no real point trying. The Inner Circle, for example, created a fake-free zone on their app by manually checking each member so you’ll always know who you’re meeting.

2. Pick your app wisely

This will set the bar for your experience, so pick wisely. Lots of apps aim to keep you swiping rather than schmoozing, so if you want to meet in real life, find one that will help you out. The Inner Circle has been designed to get you offline as quickly as possible, and their features reflect this. It seems a bit weird for an app, but honestly, they don’t want you using it. 

3. You’re a book that will be judged by its cover

First impressions count. This means two things, have a great profile and have your chat-up lines on point. If you say “hi” the chances of you getting a response are pretty non-existent, so opt for something a bit more personal and relevant. When in doubt, crack a joke. 

4. Pocket dating is a waste of time

Hours are wasted aimlessly chatting online, it won’t get you a partner. Meet up — it sounds scary but genuinely it’s the only way to really get to know someone.

Credits: The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle has this genius feature called “spots” which is your dating-bible-come-city-guide. It’s a list of venues that other members have visited and are perfect for dating, and what’s cool is you can pop your favorite venues in and see who else likes to go there. Invite one of them for a drink… we dare you. 

5. Combine party season with partner season

It’s no coincidence that party season coincides with cuffing season. Why not combine the two and go to a singles event? We’re serious. The Inner Circle hosts outrageous parties and pop-ups all over the world every month. We’re talking mixing and mingling in some seriously cool venues with other singles — it’s perfect. 

Basically, cuffing season is here and you have two options: either keep up with the trend and get yourself out there, or don’t. We recommend the former, so why not give The Inner Circle a go and start dating in real life.

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