9 Best Burgers in Paris

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It’s an American tradition in Paris. 

Paris New York

parisnewyorkYour meal will take a little longer than you’re used to at Paris New York because everything is fired up fresh for each order, right down to your fries. They call themselves “inflexible” about the quality of their ingredients, and the menu of locally sourced beef married with aged cheddars, pointrine fumée, fresh avocado, portobellos, and the like make for one of the most satisfying burgers in Paris.

96 rue Oberkampf, Paris 11th
Métro Parmentier
Open Monday to Friday 12-3pm, Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm, Sunday to Wednesday 7-11:30pm, Thursday to Saturday 7-12am.



Razowski represents absolutely madness when it comes to constructing a menu of burgers, from their jambon beurre complete with hash brown topping to the bleu cheese burger to the breakfast-on-a-bun “Mister Big.” Even more compelling is their burger du jour, which goes as far ranging as to include a foie gras topping on days when patrons are really lucky.

38 place du Marché Saint-Honoré, Paris 1st
Métro Pyramides, Tuileries
+33 01 42965320
Open 10:30am-1am daily.

Big Fernand


There’s no wrong answer at Big Fernand, where the burger atelier gives you full command of your culinary choices. Beef? Or perhaps lamb or veal? What maniac French cheese would you like on top? How about the housemade cocktail and barbecue sauces

40 place due Marché Saint-Honoré, Paris 1st
Métro Pyramides, Opéra
+33 01 81630863
Open 12-10:30pm daily.

32 rue Saint-Sauveur, Paris 2nd
Métro Sentier, Étienne Marcel
+33 01 42214006
Open Monday to Friday 12-2:30pm and 7-10:30pm, Saturday 12-11pm, Sunday 12-10:30pm

Coffee Parisien


A simple, satiating burger in a setting just American enough that French people will still eat there. Pictured, you’ll see one of their signature dishes: the Obamac, a double-decker burger with an American flag planted in the bun.

4 rue Princesse, Paris 6th
Métro Mabillon, Saint-Germain-des-Près
+33 01 43541818

7 rue Gustave Courbet, Paris 16th
Métro Rue de la Pompe
+33 01 45531717

La Maison Mère


An almost alarmingly Brooklyn burger spot in Paris, complete with a white tile bar and tiled lighting sconces that seem like you just walked in off Dekalb Avenue, La Maison Mère sports a Williamsburg chic aesthetic and a menu that runs the gamut from standard cheeseburger straight through the requisite black Angus variant and onto the tantalizing chicken tandoori burger.

4 rue de Navarin, Paris 9th
Métro Saint-Georges, Pigalle
+33 01 42811100
Open 12-2:30pm Monday to Friday, 12-4pm Saturday and Sunday, 7:30-11pm Monday to Thursday, 7:30-11:30pm Friday and Saturday.



The “Hamburger Gourmet” has four locations in Paris, each serving dry-aged beef (of strictly Gallic or Celtic origins) from butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec, minced in the kitchen alongside buns baked fresh twice a day. You can “stack on as much cheddar as you want” for a euro a slice, go for the signature burger with onion compote, bacon, Blue and emmental cheeses, and baby spinach, or you can try the smoked tofu, bulgur, and shallot patty with homemade ketchup.

44 rue d’Argout, Paris 2nd
Métro Sentier, Bourse, Les Halles
+33 01 40268457
Open 12-11pm daily.

Cantine California


It’s a very Brooklyn thing: you start a food truck, it gets massively popular, and you open a brick-and-mortar store. It’s less routine for Paris, though, and that makes Cantine California’s ascension all the more notable. There’s another Obama burger to be had on their menu (AKA’d as the “PanchoVilla” for some reason), a classic California burger, a burger in honor Big Lebowski’s The Dude, featuring

46 rue de Turbigo, Paris 3rd
Métro Arts et Métiers
+33 09 81155313
Open 11:45am-3pm Monday to Friday, 11:45am to 3:30pm Saturday and Sunday, 7-10:30pm Monday to Saturday, 7-10pm Sunday.

Le Ruisseau


Montmartre’s go-to joint for classic cheeseburger recipes for cheap, including a vegetarian version featuring a chickpea patty and goat cheese, complete with an outdoor terrace and affordable prices.

65 rue du Ruisseau, Paris 18th
Métro Jules Joffrin
+33 01 42233123
Open Monday to Friday 12-3pm and 7:30-11pm, Saturday 12-3:30pm and 7:30-11pm, Sunday 12-4pm and 7-10pm.



If you’ve somehow made it to the end of this list while being vegetarian, here’s the place for you: in the Marais, Hank does a completely vegan, fair trade menu of burgers, all made from soy milk, mushroom, and rice patties, and a selection of toppings like the alfafa and mustard sauce combination.

55 rue des Archives, Paris 3rd
Métro Rambuteau
+33 09 72440399
Open 12-10pm daily.

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