Best Baguette Miami 2019: And The Finalists Are…

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The results are in. We finally have the finalists for 2019 Best Baguette Miami competition.

Frenchly and French Morning readers have selected seven bakeries whose baguettes and other specialty breads will compete against one another in a final competition on Sunday, March 17, at 12pm at the National Hotel. Tickets are on sale now.

During the event, organized by French Morning Miami, a jury of professionals will award the Best Baguette Grand Prize and a Special Bread Prize after a blind tasting. This year, the jury will include Clark Bowen, executive chef at Boulud Sud in Miami, Michael Beltran, who is the chef at the very popular Ariete, Matthew McDonald, chef at the National Hotel, Xavier Noël, CEO of Paris Gourmet, and Yann Rio, private chef.

Attendees will be able to choose their favorite bread to win the Public Prize by wandering from stand to stand, tasting all the breads, and voting for their favorite. Jam, charcuterie, cheese, coffee, and a complimentary glass of wine will be available to accompany the tasting. For the biggest foodies, a brunch package is also available.

Without further ado, here are the finalist bakeries, listed below in alphabetical order.

Buon Pane Italiano

Located on 5th Street in Miami Beach, the Italian bakery Buon Pane Italiano, run by Dario Cestaro, is known for its Italian “pane pugliese” bread, made in the traditional way by Italian chef and baker Alberto Lionetti and his team. Their selection of breads includes baguette, Focaccia, and Ciabatta. The brand, which will soon open a new bakery in South Beach, won the Special Bread Prize at the 2017 Best Baguette competition.

Casa Tua Cucina

Casa Tua Cucina is a well-known address in Miami for lovers of refined Italian cuisine. In addition to a pizzeria, grill stand, and pastry section, this upscale food hall also has a bakery area serving home-made and local bread.

Les Délices de France

Winner of the Public Prize at the 2016 competition, Patrick Baboun and his French bakery Les Délices de France are once again in the running. The French baker, who has been living near Palmetto Bay for almost twenty years, has succeeded in combining French and American traditions as he’s perfected his breads.

Euro Bread & Café

In this artisanal bakery located in Davie, bread and pastries are baked with love to guarantee you’ll be starting your day feeling happy. Euro Bread & Café offers fresh croissants and delicious bread.

Madruga Bakery

Its name means “the act of getting up early” in Spanish. Madruga Bakery specializes in traditional, rustic breads. With its many varieties of products such as walnut and fruit bread, onion and poppy bread, and the famous Ciabatta, the family business is committed to the traditional and artisanal production of bread.

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