“Alice In Paris” Shows A Cuter Side Of Paris

Though she’s a local, Alice from Tastemade’s YouTube series “Alice In Paris,” can still get lost in the winding streets of Paris.

The series, which began this summer, is a collection of short form scripted videos that show Alice, a cute and energetic young Parisian, making her way through the city, while also highlighting some of the city’s best food, restaurants and new, trendy cafes.  


Paris has always been a romantic city, but Alice shows it in a new, cuter, light. In a way, Alice is all of us. She’s dorky, but excited about life. She wanders, eats, and fails at things like finding a good place to sit or remembering to call her mom. And she shows that Paris is not just a romantic city, but a city for young people, where the food culture is becoming decidedly less stiff and more youthful and trendy.

In this episode of “Alice In Paris,” she walks through the scenic Île Saint Louis and has her favorite after-school snack: cream puffs.