6 Rosés 25$ & Under You Could (& Should) Be Drinking This Summer

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For some of us, rosé season starts the first day it’s over 50 degrees, and lasts through grill season, and way past Labor Day. But as the rosé trend turned this versatile wine into just another heavily-mocked aspect of millennial culture, it’s important to remember that for all the cheap girlboss knockoffs, there still are many delicious and high-quality pink wines out there.

For this summer’s recommendations, we turn to American expat and wine expert Tanisha Townsend, founder of Girl Meets Glass, a Parisian wine company with a focus on making good wine available to everyone, regardless of race, gender, or nationality. Tanisha is also the host of Wine School Dropout, a podcast that brings wine experts of color to the forefront of the conversation about all things viticulture.

Here are Tanisha’s recommendations for the rosés of the moment, however you like them, and however you like to drink them.

A quick note on rosés: The different colors will vary by winemaker style, popularity, and the grapes themselves. A thicker skinned grape will give a darker color and more flavor to the wine in a short period of time, whereas a thin-skinned grape leaves you with a pale color and a light drier flavor.

Sparkling rosés

Bubbles work all the time, so start this summer with these, then watch them continue into your fall rotation.

Mumm Napa Rosé (California) – A beautiful pink coral color and fresh, vivid aromas of black cherries, red berries and citrus introduce soft red fruit flavors. $24. Buy here.

McBride Sisters Sparkling Brut Rose (New Zealand) – This smells like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Then you taste strawberry, cranberry, peach and raspberry on the palate. All leading to a grande finale of toast and creaminess on the finish. $25. Buy here.

Dry rosé

Dry in ‘wine speak’ means the absence of sweetness. A dry rosé is the one that you keep sipping on until you realize you drank the whole bottle yourself…

AIX Coteaux d’Aix en Provence Rosé (Provence, France) – AIX is a super popular rosé from Provence, but this is more salmon pink in color. The nose is fresh and fragrant with flavors of fresh red fruits and peach. $22. Buy here.

Château Minuty (Provence, France) – The bottle is sexy, the wine is delicious. An excellent Grenache and Cinsault blend to share with friends at the barbecue. Flavor is crisp with notes of peach and candied orange. $21. Buy here.


Fruity rosé

These are often darker in color due to the skin of the grapes being in contact with the juice during fermentation longer. More skin contact = more flavor. If super fresh and fruity is your style, here are a couple of rosés to try.

Bougrier Rosé d’Anjou (Loire Valley, France) – The color on this is almost electric pick! It tastes of the ripest red berries. Serve super chilled in the summer. When the weather turns to fall, this wine is also amazing with roasted chicken dishes. $13. Buy here.

Spier Rosé (South Africa) – Light salmon pink in color, this rosé carries flavors of strawberry and yellow apple. The finish is crisp and fruity. The wine pairs nicely with seafood salad, avocado, or smoked salmon. $11. Buy here.

Now that you’re fully versed on rosé, which one will you try first? Perhaps even keep a few bottles around the house so you’ll be ready for that impromptu picnic or if you need something to sip as you sit in your backyard. Whatever the reason you are sipping rosé, you are now ready for summer!

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