Studying in Switzerland: Discover the Bachelor’s Program at EHL Hospitality Business School

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[Sponsored article] As it celebrates its 130th anniversary this year, the EHL Hospitality Business School – originally called Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne- is looking to the future to continue training young graduates at the highest level.

Teaching Excellence

It all began in 1893, in the Swiss city of Lausanne. As tourism developed, the first school for the world’s future managers of the hospitality industry opened its doors. Nearly half a century later, the school has become a renowned institution.

From the outset, EHL has stood out for one notable aspect: its students are trained to excel in order to offer unique experiences in their future positions. In addition to this know-how – now a guarantee of quality for employers – there is an undeniable practical mastery.

For Alexandre Badoux, Chief Operating Officer at “EHL gave me the best tools to perform in my career. Creativity, curiosity, customers and employee focus, transversality, team work, hands on management and deep processes understanding. Those skills with the best and friendliest network allow me to always find solution to everything.”

Acquire Coveted Soft Skills

As a business school with a “hospitality touch,” EHL’s Bachelor’s degree offers comprehensive managerial training. The combination of theory and practice enables students to develop the soft skills that are essential in today’s professional world.

At the heart of the Bachelor’s pedagogical approach is the desire to teach students values such as successful teamwork, listening, communication, and peer support, all qualities and competence that will enable them to shine in the workplace.

Number 1 in the world in the QS rankings for hospitality and leisure management schools, EHL’s Bachelor’s degree boasts a unique proximity to the industry, as well as corporate recognition. LVMH, Coca Cola, and Accor are just some of the multinationals that have welcomed EHL alumni into their ranks.

Learn Business by Doing Business

Hospitality and service professions are no longer the only career paths taken by students. Many go into finance (12%), luxury goods (15%), IT and marketing (8%), or consulting (7%).

Such figures testify to the vast selection of opportunities offered to young graduates. The Bachelor’s program includes courses in human resources, finance, and marketing, so students have all the keys they need to understand the business world.

This theoretical knowledge is put into practice during the internships that punctuate the 4 years of the Bachelor’s program. EHL also offers programs such as the EHL Alliance and the Career Fair, where multinationals and students meet to build the world of tomorrow.

A Unique Experience in Switzerland

With its new Swiss campus “designed by students, for students,” EHL offers students of 120 different nationalities a unique experience in Switzerland. Featuring a food court, a fitness center, and a Michelin-starred restaurant – where students will learn the ropes – the campus ensures an active life in Switzerland.

Since people are at the heart of EHL’s pedagogical approach, students from all over the world have every possible means at their disposal to learn with peace of mind. To consolidate team spirit from the very first days, the school organizes an IntroWeek, which enables students to forge bonds that will last throughout their schooling at EHL.

To find out more about the EHL Bachelor’s program, visit the school’s website here.

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