5 Places to Get Crêpes in San Francisco

A plate of food and a cup of coffee

Chandeleur is coming up on February 2 (if you don’t know what Chandeleur is, we explain it here). It is the day for crêpes, the day when you can eat as many crêpes as you want without counting the calories or feeling any shame at all for stuffing your face. If you’re like us and you are not a master chef, you can always take the easy way out by going to one of these 5 crêperies, each one more delicious than the next.

1. Crêpes Ooh La La

If choices don’t intimidate you, Crêpes Ooh La La is for you. On the menu, more than thirty options range from $3 to $9, from savory to sweet. It’s perfect for a to-go meal or snack. Our favorite: Nutella Banana. — 1220 Polk Street, San Francisco

2. The Crepe House

Not far from Crêpes Ooh La La is the most traditional (and Breton) crêperie in San Francisco: The Crepe House. The decorations will undoubtedly remind you of French taverns where the wood, stones and slate match perfectly. On the menu: crêpes prepared with local products (eggplant, chicken, cheddar, soy sauce, etc.). You will also find options like sandwiches, pasta, salads and omelettes if you feel like deviating from crêpes. — 1755 Polk Street, San Francisco 

3. Crêperie Saint-Germain 


A trendy food truck, the Crêperie Saint-Germain takes us to a world of crêpes full of fun and brilliance. The menu is full of flavors. On the sweet side, we find the traditional crêpe au nutella, the famous Suzette, and also some innovations like the Apple Pie crêpe. On the savory side, local products are in the stars of the menu: avocado, smoked salmon, spinach, sausage, and cheddar cheese. — Crêperie Saint-Germain @ the Yard, 100 blvd Terry A François, San Francisco; Crêperie Saint-Germain Express, 222 Second Street, San Francisco

4. Suzette Crepe Café

At Suzette Crepe Café, we promote simplicity and authenticity. Much like San Francisco, the place is very international with crêpes in flavors that will take you around the world. The Nice crêpe combines tuna, eggplant, lettuce and olives while the Albany crêpe mixes béchamel, ham and cheese. It is without a doubt one of the most affordable crêperies in the Bay. Prices for savory crêpes do not exceed $7.50. — 1226 Solano Ave, Albany 94706

5. Crêpes à Go Go

This is the address to remember if you have a late-night craving. Open from 6pm to 4am, Crêpes à Go Go is a crêperie on wheels. This food truck offers different types of crêpes prepared right in front of you. Two key ingredients you’ll find all over the menu: cheese and nutella. That’s all it takes to convince us to go! — 350 11th Street, San Francisco 

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